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This was surely a long term project. I am assuming it started in 2009, but I am guessing. Maybe earlier. Even if in 2007, it is a massive project in which they were 8-9 years behind Google. People are probably being fired for saying Maps was ready when it wasn't. This was probably due to massive pressure from the top, more than likely saying it HAD to be ready. They need scapegoats for a perceived failure, in which everyone at the top played a part.
The next generation Apple product will be based on another Scottished named apple (Braeburn) the iBrae. Then maybe later they'll come out with that small, always on, always worn, ultimate mobile device -your constant companion - the iBro.
There was a long ago conflict between the Apple record label and Apple Computer over the "similar" apple logos. Apple Computer agreed never to sell music!
I suspect you are right. Apple would probably rather have him working for them making devices more difficult to jailbreak, but the next best thing for them is to have him stop. It isn't coincidental that they put that in a contract.   What? A hacker who doesn't fit into corporate guidelines and rules? I can't imagine that! :>D
I think it is great that they do not depend quite so much on another company. It would be nice if they did not have to depend so heavily on Intel one day! There will be little real innovation until that monopoly is broken.
Keeping Macs compatible with Windows should not be the major design point. The expense of running Windows on a Mac is nearly equivalent to running two computers if you truly pay for the software - the software for Windows is the major cost. You might as well just have two machines. It would really be nice to have someone seriously challenge the Intel architecture. Intel does not push themselves very hard to produce a better personal computing device. I am not say they do...
Not surprised there really was an iPhone mini prototype. Many are not surprised it never happened, either!
Boy, that 4 month cycle alone would make me say "don't buy." Bound to be problems.  
Because nothing says security like "Microsoft."
I like iPod Touch Maxi.
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