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Over 40 years and counting - no medical use discovered yet. Don't hold your breath. Timothy Leary's dead. No,no. He's outside - looking in.
Bunk. I knew potheads that could barely complete a sentence, even when not smoking, though admittedly that became hard to tell when they weren't. At least they didn't have red eyes, smell like it, have munchies or giggle. Some were friends or friends of friends. I had a girlfriend for a short time who was a sweet girl, but I quickly realized her life revolved around pot. She was like this at age 19. I've seen it a number of times, like it is a struggle to concentrate on...
I tried the Mac version 2006, and it was not too hot. Windows version is much, much better. Sigh ... now I have to keep my Windows machine running til Feb. Maybe I'll try the current version. Bring on the iPhone version of Quicken! Let it sync through MobileMe with the desktop!
Them ribs will kill ya
I don't know you, him/her or Jobs. It is still zero. Notice you quit "expanding." Says volumes. It does not expand your mind, it confuses it. I don't need an opinion of a mind deluded at the time, I've SEEN it. Gosh it's so obvious it helps your mind. People make great choices while dropping acid, are extremely rational and do things sooo much better. Please don't expand and drive.
But you'll say nooo, nooo, nooo
This hardly counts. Should we talk about the brand of car Steve drove too fast through stop signs, too?
Sorry, can't say I've ever know even a single person who's life was improved by drugs. Ruined? Can't count. Never done LSD, but I've seen friends do it. It ain't a pretty sight. If you think staring at cracks in the sidewalk for 15 minutes, then another 15 minutes staring at the bark on the tree is "mind expanding," have a good time. A number have said their concentration was effected for weeks after doing this. Others just plain had bad experiences and found it...
A web based operating system? There seems to be a trend (at least attempted) towards making things web based and residing on a "server in the clouds." Microsoft just dropped Money, Quicken may be heading towards their online services as the primary one. Do we really want to trust everything we have to a corporation? I admit, I've done some of this myself. We all do when we use credit cards online. We had very, very simple O/S's in the early days, We now have...
Your comment is even less Apple related. I seriously doubt this guy is a misunderstood genius.
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