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He probably spoke to the employees at some point, and his accent identified him as likely being American.
It is given to perhaps trigger any memory of people who may have seen the person that day, either before or after the shooting.
Hope PC didn't try to settle things with Mac Once And For All. Maybe he froze up before he could finish the job.
Don't you know mentioning his race would be stereotyping all people of the same race? That's much more important than catching a killer. You just aren't PC, man. Yeah, Apple always puts stores in really bad neighborhoods.
Not really. In 1984, the iPod would tell YOU what to do and be watching you! :>) This sounds like a way to program, using just your fingers. A "secret knock" sort of thing that could be unique for each user. Tap twice with the ring finger to dial the wife. Tap once with index and once with ring to start playing music. This sounds great!
I think Intel and Microsoft kept us stuck on 32 bit systems for far too many years. Intel is even more of a monopoly since macs use their products.
That would be a GIANT step backwards. Finally decent graphics, don't ever go back to Intel. ATI would be fine. I hope to see Apple go away from Intel CPUs, too.
We need quad core ... dual core is rapidly becoming obsolete . Hard to believe we are going to get quad core and cheaper, though.
I suppose they went out and bought dozens of more cards after clearly seeing that the price on some songs was as much as a $1.29? Did they close their eyes when buying them? Ridiculous.
Please. There is a huge list of things that are unavailable to people in rural areas. It is a fact of life. You can't force businesses to pursue markets that won't make money. There are so many things in small towns that are not competitive - one movie theater, on fast food restaurant, one ISP ... Before I read this article, I thought John Kerry must have been stuck in a Sprint contract and wanted an iPhone, but didn't want to pay contract breaking fees ... now THAT...
New Posts  All Forums: