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it might save your life.
No doubt they concluded that pocket knives can cut your fingers, hot coffee can burn parts of your body, and people die in auto accidents. Let's all just sit in our rooms quietly on the couch wearing safety gloves, safety glasses, gas masks and hardhats. That way we will be safe! My poor friend ... he got a horrible back injury twisting to avoid the glare on his computer screen.
I was the iPhone luster. Wife didn't like no keyboard & smudges (yes, some people make decisions based on smudges!) - I talked her into a smartphone - Jitterbug was more her speed. Daughter already had a Touch and wanted to try a BB. They like the BBs. They are nice phones, but iPhone is more my style.
It is one of the most expensive phones .... hope they can afford it. Many broke contracts from other carriers. If family plans are involved, it can really cost. Canceling Sprint plus buying one IPhone and two Blackberrys was about $1200. I love my iphone, and I love that my wife and daughter have internet & GPS. Getting a smartphone is like when you got a cell phone for the first time - you wonder how you did without!
Macs have speech recognition. I own a DVR, so I don't really need to record on my computer hard drive. I also have a big screen TV, so again ... And you can do these things on a Mac, though maybe not out of the box. It might take a $100-200 investment. Not a driver for me! Blu-Ray support is very late on Macs. Some licensing issues changed very recently, so there should be some changes there. The reason to buy an Apple computer is to get OS X, simply put. It is leaner,...
Don't think you are not paying for Windows when you buy a new computer with it installed! There was a point where the cost of Windows was as much as the hardware. There are cases of people trying to return Windows unopened after buying a computer. It used to say "can be returned for refund if unopened." It did not go well for them, and some took legal action. I don't know about now - haven't bought a Windows machine in 5 years. A few months ago, a Dell netbook with Windows...
I liked the beta tabs. Seemed cleaner.
It's good to have some options. You get a discount with a commitment. A friend was told that existing iPhone 3G customers would not be sold any new iPhones that might come out even if they paid full price! Glad that was not really the case.
Well, after having an iPhone, and probably any smartphone, I understand why they call'em Crackberrys. You "need" it after having one. It is much like getting a cell phone for the first time. Suddenly you "need" something that you did fine without for the first 35 years or so of your life!
A friend was told at an AT&T store that if he bought an iPhone 3G (this was in March) he would not be able to buy any new models coming out later in the year even if he paid full price! I do believe him when he says he was told this - he's been waiting so he can get the new one. He did buy one to convert to a non-functioning "developer's platform," if that is the correct term. This sounded crazy. Has anyone else been told this?? Is some guy behind the counter at AT&T...
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