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All,I just have to laugh at all the arguments going back and forth about this UNANNOUNCED device being "late" and "pushed aside." I can understand being disappointed after previous comments making us expect something in 2009, but even this is just someone's educated guess. These are rumors, remember.I'm hoping it is a true "notebook" computer. I picture a flat, light, coverless tablet that you could carry around in a leather notebook.
Oh, yes, I lay awake at night worrying about people abusing Apple products. Thanks for that in depth analysis of Walmart customers. I too, waste my life worrying about who actually owns Apple products. Please note the acid smell of sarcasm. It is NOYB what people buy or where they buy it.
Gee, Mr. Mooney, why in heck would you care where someone else bought their Apple system? You've missed some good pricing. Walmart is consistently the lowest priced retailer of just about EVERYTHING. That is the only reason to shop at Walmart. Macs won't be discounted, since they never are, so I wouldn't buy one there. I'd buy at Bestbuy for the 18 months interest free. But you don't care, Mr. Mooney, (in my best Gayle Gordon voice) because "You're RICH!"
There are analysis programs that use parallel processing quite well. On very large solutions, it is nearly linear with the number of processors. FLUENT is one of them. Yes, the visualization is done thru the GPU. I was using that as an example of how powerful laptops have become. This would have been considered a heavy duty workstation (4Gb mem, 1Gb GPU) only a few years ago. Of course, these problems lend themselves well to splitting up the work
Mobile platforms are much more capable of high demand tasks now. I don't have the pleasure of using Macs at work, but there are laptops available that are perfectly capable of running 3D CAD packages and even computational fluid dynamics just fine. A colleague has a laptop with 4GB of memory and a 1 GB video card that outperforms the older (2-3 year) desktops. A laptop would not have been a good choice only a couple of years ago. Desktops have the room and cooling...
I need a new machine and want an 24" iMac. I plan on waiting for quad core and Snow Leopard. I sure hope both are available by fall.
I've only read one book on Kindle for Iphone so far: iWoz, by Steve Wozniak. Good insight to the early years of Apple. Kind of inspirational for engineers! He basically says don't let a committee mess up your good ideas! It was a good experience. Less money than a printed version, no dragging a book with you - it's always there. I'll do it again. I've also used the free bookreader for iPhone. Very good if you can find something you are interested in.
Working with carbon fiber is nasty. I don't like being around it at all - I worked in aerospace. If Apple is trying to be "green," this would not be the way to go. You need to be covered head to toe to work with the stuff safely. If the carbon fibers get in your skin, it doesn't ever come out. The resins used are also nasty and you don't want them touching your skin. I'd say no thanks to something that is in that close proximity to me on a daily basis. Of course, breathing...
That was a pointed barb at the Blu-Ray consortium! I believe I read that Blu-Ray licensing costs were significantly lowered since he made that statement. Maybe it worked! Blu-Ray hasn't been breaking loose like DVD did. I guess they (Blu-Ray consortium) are trying to kickstart something.
Very curious what will happen with Solaris. From what I saw as a user, I liked it in the past.
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