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Southpark had it right. Big whup if they are gone. I liked one song by them, "Desire." Turns out it was a remake. Explains a lot. They were always about politics, not music. And they offically Sold Out around 1990. Unfortunately, Clarence Carter's "Strokin' " is also gone...that is a loss.
In a related poll, young Japanese women rank 1st in poll of iPhone user's ideal women, followed by geishas and Japanese MILFs. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. Do we really care about this? I suppose Apple does.
No wonder EVERYBODY hates him .... the awful stuff he has let loose in this world ...
Right or wrong, I've know people that have worked for Anheiser Bush and for Coca-Cola, and yes, you can get fired for using competing products! There was a famous case in the Atlanta (home of Coca-Cola) paper, where a minor exec at Coke was drinking a Pepsi at work. I think she was asked to get rid of it, she thought it was a joke and refused, and eventually was fired. There are companies out there that are fanatical. These two, Microsoft, and Frito-Lay are all examples,...
No iPods or iPhones ... pretty bad. Well, maybe you can get a decent MP3 player ... (I've got an iPod mini) ...and maybe you can get a Blackberry ... they are nice and have their advantages .... (I've got an iPhone) Worst of all .... they have to use Windows !!! The horror .... the horror.
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