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Forgive Siri. She is young and believes everything she's told.
What a clever name - just like the 386X. Seems like this would be a very short lived chip if they really would release a new iPad in the fall. Seems unlikely, but you never know. 1 year is the max now!
A wardrobe malfunction with Dean Kamen won't be nearly as fun.
Lot of factors. I suspect lots of new Android users are switching to a smartphone for the first time. The big losers are the Windows phone makers and Blackberry. Lots of manufacturers make Android phones (there are probably more): Sony Ericsson HTC Samsung Casio Google Kyocera LG Motorola All the many Android based models are competing individually with the iPhone. An Android phone sale is a plus for Google, no doubt, but a Casio Android phone is just as much...
Many feared he stepped down because he knew the end was near. RIP, Mr. Jobs.
Flixter will sue over the name.
About the same as linking driving cars to liking big phones and certain nationalities.
Except, of course, that the wireless service would be provided by one of those same phone companies! But I see you are implying Apple might be getting into the wireless service business and competing directly with them. My opinion is "probably not."
I would certainly agree she didn't seem to accomplish much. Yahoo is not exactly in the news! I am on there all the time because of the sbcglobal affiliation. It isn't like services have expanded - just more stupid ads.
My first thought after reading that was she was fired because she used an Android (Google) phone!
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