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Worthless at any price! The only device of it's type that I couldn't figure how it worked.
The resins are also very nasty when uncured. Definitely not something I would want around me for hours a day! Manufacuring this stuff is NOT fun, a messy process.
Hate the ribbon! Hate Office 2007! The only thing any Office product had going for it was familiarity, and that is gone.
His comment about tablets being a "fever" that will end and give them back their former customers shows the wrong guy is in charge. They will continue to have problems. Denial ain't a river in Africa, son.
Gee thanks, AI. Now we will all be disappointed with our A5 iPhone 5's. I'm kidding, of course! Technology does change fast, though.
I have a feeling the work done for the Verizon iphone plus the rumored integration into one universal phone that can be used in the US through AT&T, Verizon or Sprint is the reason for the delay until September.
Google invented the icon? The touchscreen? Neither was new in 2007, but it is pretty clear a LOT of phones suddenly started looking like the iPhone layout, larger touch screen, one button, icons looking like Apple's.
Nonsense! He's clearly responsible for all the ideas and writings in American culture in particular & Western culture in general!
The cost of living in Scandinavia in general is very high, I've always been told, even by people who lived there. A few years ago, Oslo was listed as the most expensive in the world, passing Tokyo. My own experience in Stavanger, Norway was that things were very expensive. I recall paying about 58 kroner for two air mail post cards, about $9 US at the time. A meal for one person was about $50 US. I have never been to Denmark, but have told it is very similar. The...
It is more of a straight up comparison country by country if tax is not included, That says what Apple is charging, not the local governments. Apple cannot control tax. Lots of things go into pricing, exchange rates, transportation costs, retail costs... I believe the most overlooked here is how much are consumers WILLING to pay? Supply and Demand is very relevant here. Taking the tax out of the price & converting the currency, then expecting the price to be the same as...
New Posts  All Forums: