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No discolorization would be quite an accomplishment. If will likely reduce the corrosion resistance.
Interesting bit of information RE MacOS. I had read that MacOS was a very challenging environment for viruses and was relatively immune in the early/mid 90s - I didn't use them then. I did notice these threats for MacOS were from 2002-2005, which was probably after Apple quit releasing updates for MacOS (2001?). The O/S had been around for awhile, and exploits were found. I am sure many were still using the system, though.
As a matter of fact, I do, as far as Windows. It was the Melissa virus in 1999, the one that sent an email titled "I love you!" in the title. Quite the shock to get it from coworkers. There were of course lots of others before that were spread by floppy and network, but that was the first "big" internet virus. I have read about an Internet worm that spread through the world in 1988, a Unix worm, not Windows. The first PC virus was a boot sector virus written by two...
If I read that correctly, only 8% are iPhone owners. 92% are new customers. I think Apple was expecting that, but it may have worked out even better than they hoped initially. Switching from AT&T will probably happen when contracts are up, so more gradually. A poll of 40 is pretty small, but probably tells about initial purchasers.
For not having the business ability to negotiate with Apple.
Hello, Nokia! Apple! Should have hired an APPLE executive!
I think I'm glad I did not upgrade to iOS4 after reading these posts. I tried, and the installation failed. Several posts suggested "stripping" all the applications from your phone, then installing. I didn't want to do that, and waited a few days. It obviously must depend on what you have installed on your phone as to how well it installs and runs, or possibly the settings. Since all of the "good" features weren't available, I decided not to upgrade at all. I'll probably...
Well, after having an iPhone or likely a 3G iPad, an iPod just seems like a crippled version. We are all spoiled by the "always on" aspect. A phone and mobile computer will become even more the same as time goes on. And AT&T's network has been pretty much always on for me as far as internet - I just can't make calls!!
I don't have a modern car or a modern stereo, but I agree that an iPod, with an iTrip in my case, is my preferred music method for the car. I've a few complaints about streaming bluetooth to a car stereo, though I use it with my earpiece a lot.
Thanks for the very good information.
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