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I tend to believe the figure of 98% use less than 5GB/mo. I am probably an average user who doesn't use his phone for business, and I have only used 5.6 GB in 20 months. I certainly don't feel restricted. I suspect that most who go over probably use it for business purposes & do tether. I would also agree that data is data, whether tethered or not! Separate charges for tethering is like separate charges for texting.
I don't want anyone bouncing the processor in my Mac Pro.
That's their business. They are the kind of group where I've heard everything they did, as it is mostly at least 30 years old. Very doubtful I would buy the albums, but I might buy a song if the mood hit me.
You don't have to be multicore to multitask! it just helps. Unix has been multitasking on a single processor for 40 years.
Not this crap again. Every spring.
I can't believe they have made no move after 3 years of the iPhone. Maybe they will now that iPad is coming around and will create a larger base. I pretty much track my money with SplashMoney on the iPhone and use Quicken to download historical data. The iPhone version is good, but I'd tell everyone to avoid the desktop version like a fatal disease, which IT IS to your data. Still, doing it all (get e-bills, pay & record) on the iPhone is fan-friggin-tastic.
These estimates were obviously made with the SWAG analysis method - Systematic Wild A## Guess. Hasn't seen it, doesn't know what it does, doesn't know what it sells for ...
Hmm... These comments agree with the shot of what looks like a huge iPhone frame fitting over a 10" keyboard. This means ... nothing. There have been some very real looking fakes of iPods, iPhones, iMacs, etc posted over the last couple years. I believed a few were real...but they weren't. BTW, if someone is complaining about speculation, Why are they on a rumor sight? Perhaps they need to look up the word "rumor."
They might bring back the name iBook. That ties in with the e-reader part, at least. Ah well, it's just a name... it will probably be something no one has suggested.
I hope this is correct about OS 4.0 being available for the iPhone 3G. I've been a little concerned, good support if true. Memory and processor are same as the 2 1/2 year old original iPhone, so getting a little old in mobile phone terms!
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