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It's descended from one of the AT&T companies that were forced to split up in 1984.
Input for gaming does make sense. Holding the phone in one hand and operating a small mouse pad with your index finger might work for other applications, including starting apps. Still, I am seriously doubting we will see this any time soon.
This doesn't work for me. It would be very difficult to get used to typing while holding something with my hands in a non typing position. Besides, hitting "space" might cause you to drop it.
If you want a case on your phone, you're out of luck. Just never drop it and everything will be fine. This is just silly - or is it just a little window on the back for one handed operation? Seems unlikely.
It just looks cool from the outside. Inside, it is just an Apple store! It isn't a big store, and the cube is just the stairwell. Of course, I still went in!
Maybe a typo, but you may be showing your age, or I'm showing mine. Those are early 80's games. I would hope for better demos than rehashing 30 year old games! There's nothing exciting if you played them then.
Now this is taking "Get a Mac" WAY too far. I know, it isn't funny, but it almost sounds like bragging on the brand.
Houston was supposed to be upgraded. If so, I can't tell a difference. Doing a speed test depends ENTIRELY on from where you request the test. I get from 1.5Mb/s to .25 with Speed Test. You really can't tell what you're getting when contacting a particular server.
freediverx, I wonder if he gets good 3g coverage under the bridge? The name alone says he only wants to annoy.
If you could watch that boring thing, you have more patience than me. Watching a guy flick his finger didn't tell me much of anything.
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