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Gee, another immigrant who thinks he is going to get rich by filing a lawsuit. This our image in the world, and it is believed. This seems doubly true with lawsuits filed against Apple! I know, I know ... Plenty of ridiculous suits by American born idiots, too.
I didn't really get into using Macs until 3 years ago. I love OS X & Apple products. That wasn't always the case! I just learned that Ridley Scott directed it. He is definitely the best science fiction genre director around. I don't remember the commercial airing, but I sure remember the introduction of the computer mouse at that time. This was the kind of smug Apple commercial that I found very annoying. Over dramatized, even though, yes, everyone was thinking about...
One word: History. Windows 3 was pretty good, but those were simpler times. Windows 9X and XP Home should not have been unleashed on the world without security measures. I believe they thought it too complex an issue for an average user, and chose to ignore the issue. Very arrogant. The Windows 95 interface was nice, but they pretty much copied what Silicon Graphics was already doing. I'll believe they can write good software when I see it. Windows 7 is being hyped now....
Just the reason I buy iPods, so I can use lousy Microsoft services. Funny!
Truer words were never spoken. I can't believe they have a legal leg to stand on. They will lose, and you are right, they won't have any money! Apple will spend lots of money, but it is probably worth it to protect their brand.
Sometimes I think Ballmer's IQ is a rounding error ... Why does he constantly rant about it if it is so insignificant? Remember the recent iPhone seizure incident. Gates must be pulling the strings. This idiot could not be running the company.
They aren't even good at marketing names! How about thinking about it for even 5 seconds? It's like Mr. Jarse naming his son Hugh (ref Benny Hill).
A major software effort and now they are releasing it? They obviously believe strengthening Unix in general will strengthen OS X.
Controversial to sell their own stuff? Nah. Controversial for retailers to believe their snow, yes.
The candidate probably told him "See you later - jive turkey!" "How many times have you done acid?" Heck, you can't ask someone if they are a US citizen nowadays. Not all that believable, but funny! Why would he want the guy to not like him? He was doing the hiring!
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