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I believe the leopard pic is from Webshots. I know snow leopard pictures are hard to come by, and it is a fantastic picture. I'm still a bit disappointed at the rehashing.
To keep the screen coordinated with your eye, you'd have to wear a sensor on your head. If in your hand, it could still move relative to your eye if bouncing. But maybe that will be up to the guy holding it. :>) I won't hold my breath on this one.
Agreed. Any major company would laugh at the idea this would ever succeed without being sued out of existence. I doubt they would waste their money just to harass Apple. It amazes me that so many have cheered Pschystar as some kind of legitimate competitor.
But I'll hope for Quad Core & Blu-Ray.
Hopefully Snow Leopard will be able to take advantage of them well. Dual Core is soon to be dead. High end laptops and PCs are all quad core now. I just won't buy a non-quadcore. Blu-Ray is possible, the licensing changed in the spring to help open things up. Probably an option for an extra $200-300. You'd think the camera would be as least as nice as the iPhone ... :>D
poor fellow ... He was born with an 8 bit processor.
Idjit Bar? Where does Microsoft find these people?? It takes real effort to be so unoriginal. "Guru" was really associated with Indian religions - possibly offensive? Then with what O/S did it become associated? Unix!!
Personally, I've enjoyed reading on the iPhone. You always have it with you and can pull it out and read for 10 min. Plus, you can buy one on a whim. I've read about 5 or 6 books. In my day, you had to get dressed, put gas in the car, drive to the bookstore and hope they had what you wanted. If not, you took what they had! And we liked it!
If it meets Job's satisfaction ratings, chances are we will like it! I'll settle for my 9" netbook with Ubuntu, meanwhile. Pretty viable for a couple hundred $.
Won't ever do it again.
New Posts  All Forums: