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You just cannot download or stream the quality of a Blu-Ray film. It is not practical. I watch HD movies on ATT U-verse, and it is indeed very nice. No way it is anywhere close to Blu-Ray quality! I plan on getting a home theater system centered around Blu-Ray.
That last is not a fact, it is an opinion, as I am pretty sure you are not prescient. Apple doesn't seem to try to hard to compete in business, true. They hardly try to sell them that way. "PC" is always wearing a suit in the commercials. Servers do not have to be Windows based. BSD and Linux have been cutting into that business for quite some time. Mac Minis are very popular as servers. Microsoft DID gain control of software for business by first giving it away for free,...
Microsoft is afraid that something other than Office might get popular if it's free .... damage control! After all, that is how Microsoft eliminated the competition. They gave it away free to get a large user base, and of course all competitors nearly ceased to be. Is it free now? Huh! Office is ingrained as a standard by shear number of users. It was never because it was better. There is some advantage by everyone using common a common format, no doubt, but I'd...
Sterotype? Game? You were bragging about doing every drug under the sun ... keep focused. I don't know if any drive through liquor stores in Texas. Even if it is, it is still illegal to drink in the car.
You obviously work at AIG or Countrywide.
That would be very foolish bet, as you don't know anything about me. Bet she doesn't have a job. Keep that dumb bitch off the highway!
Yeah, a lot of people do it. That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt them. As many people are damaged purely by the smoke as by the burn out factor. Holding smoke in your lungs definitely is not good for them. If you haven't seen a burned out pothead, you don't get out much for the worldly drugged out guy you claim to be. I could care less what you do. You didn't seem to understand the connection between drugs, health and laws.
Please. All I know is a person signs in the username itistoday and posts. I don't even know it is the same person, when it boils down to it. Is that rational enough for you? You actually do not know if I am a "sir," "madam," or in transition, for that matter. You don't know what I look like. You don't know if I murdered my sister and hid her under the floorboards and assumed her identity. Is the concept of "not knowing" someone clear to you now? My point? I simply don't...
I don't remember black people being a danger on the highway.
Surprised you can still type. That does explain why you weren't aware that "your body + drugs had so much bearing on human laws and location where those laws take effect," though.
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