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Favorites can be created for Internet Radio on ATV. Scroll the list and press/hold select and it will ask to add to Favourites. The list then appears at the top of main list. Works really well, albeit not a short cut button, but a much shorter list.
Personally, I am not sure how apps might work on ATV. OK Weather, and other non interactive apps maybe, but for gaming I think Airplay will be the key. On device (iPhone/iPod) apps already offer amazing games and have the gyro, multi-linking and user interface etc already built in. So using Airplay to get on the big screen, without cables etc is perhaps the key to this. Music and video already streams on 4.2, so why not a games? Enjoying my new ATV and like the...
It is interesting that dropped calls and cell tower capacity figure so much. I have been fortunate enough to use many GSM/UMTS networks around the world and have always noted that the towers work on the principle of 3. 3 sides with 3 panes/Antennae, or 3 panes on a pole. Interestingly looking at many of AT&T's towers (and yes I can see one from my house) they use the 3 sided configuration, but only 6 panes. This surely must affect both coverage and capacity and seems to...
Good to see some work being done on MM. I wonder if this new update will also eventually add meeting invites etc. I recall that OS 4 is likely to offer that and will need the server side to fully function. Time will tell!
Good points. It should also noted that both Verizon Comm and Vodafone are in discussion with what to do with VZW. Either, one buys the other out or they sell it. This was recently reported in the UK financial press. Now, who do we all know with a huge chunk of change in the bank; who stated they need to be bold using that cash and also always wants to control every aspect of their business from hardware, through software through retail through??
Many thanks, this fixed it! Works on Demo mode too.
Just upgraded to 1.2 and Text to Speech seems not to work. Does it require the car kit or does it not work in "Route Demo" mode? Anyone else tried it out yet?
I have always thought that ATV's USB port should support the growing number of 2.1 speakers that source the digital sound via USB - Bose and Focal 3 for example. Anyone tried this with 3.0?
Verizon's advert pokes fun at the Apple/ATT ad's, however they should take a closer look at their own adverts on "maps" for using their phones overseas. With the main image showing a backdrop of local people and pastimes in Australia or Mexico etc, the "Verizon" guy is seen holding a Blackberry. Closer scrutiny shows the phone displaying GPS directions in Italy! Clearly Verizon needs to get "A Map for that" too!
New Posts  All Forums: