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Still talking ? Didn't the Wall Street journal say they have signed the deal ? SIGNED !!!
People buy it for mining bit coins ?
I said at the bottom I am very excited and ready to see the dive of AAPL on 18th. FROM that day , u will become like me who disregard whatever news about Apple from Wall Shit Journal. ONLY stupid will trust the so-called source from WALL SHIT journal which has a long history of posting misleading news of AAPL.
http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161101/iphone-preorders-through-china-mobile-to-begin-this-week-report Like I said earlier , those who believe wall shit journal is stupid
as your said , I have bright mind
http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161101/iphone-preorders-through-china-mobile-to-begin-this-week-report I clearly predict the fall of AAPL.
Apple should have done this earlier .
It is called " buy on rumors , sell on fact "
This website is unofficial , china mobile said .
I sold mine at 565 , hoping the china mobile deal is not true .
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