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Thx . Coz of your comment , I bought back 480 shares aapl
Open your eyes and look at the reservation number , now is about 60k plus . Put this number in 365 days , it is only about 5-6 million . What a disappointed number .
Doomed ( patented)
Where were those son of bitches when AAPL was at $400 ?
  This may not imply the deal is inked. It can simply mean China Mobile offers discount to people who buy from its unofficial website.
 yes, i dont think there is such a deal inked. Apple is gonna dive very soon once they wake up. Diclaimer: SOLD my 500 shares.
there is only less than 10K people reserved.   It means the demand is weaker than expected.   Based on this, will anal ists say Apple is doomed, lower their expectation.
I am waiting to see the reaction of investors when they know there is no deal at all and they blame themselves for their stupidity to dream there was a deal .
Only has 1104 people reserved , that isn't a doom for apple ?
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