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I don't believe wall shit journal , it always lies . Coz of its name , I sold all of my aapl to wait for a big pull back on 18th .
If the deal not announce on 18th, how much can aapl drop ? Nightmare for Apple investors ?If the deal really inked , china mobile can always say " we decline to comment . " or if they want to announce TOGETHER , China mobile can always say " we will have announcement later "
The demand is weaker than expected , Apple is doomed !!
If the deal is not made and we are cheated by those bullshitters , what will happen to aapl ? -10% drop on 18th ?
Coz the deal is not inked , how many times do u want me to say
How many AAPL can drop with no deal is done ? -70!?
AAPL should pop up 100 tonight plz.
Japanese loves using quality products. That is their habit to know what is the best quality .
Apple is doomed
Almost the same as what the shameless copycat pays
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