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Apple can discount iPhone 5s for $99 without contract . And use its cash reserve to subsidy . Then bye bye Lenovo ..
but other can grow with market share , a Apple can't !!
Apple will have keynote soon . Second half ? Why not say the year 2099 ?
This article is very correct but if this applies in the stock market , I think all of other stocks need to drop as they only rises coz of cheap and QE 3.
5-10 days is good . If it is 24 hours , then anal ists will say ipad mini 2 suffers weaker than bullshitted demand. If it is 2-3 weeks, then the mother fuckers will say Apple is unable to keep up with the demand due to the production difficulty . And lower the ipad sales estimate. **** THE ANAL ists .
iPad mini 2 finally arrived !!!
How much ? Can catch up with apple profit in 100 years ?
Fast east = lie , the most bullshit rumors are most likely from fast east .
Good anal ist.
That is why other companies can always grow as they earn too little coz they sell their rubbish with no profit at all .
New Posts  All Forums: