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I drove by years ago and took a couple of photos. It still had a TV antenna sticking up from the ridge of the roof then. I also took photos of the handsome two-story house with the garage in the back where William Hewlett and David Packard built their first audio oscillator. It has a large brass plaque out front commemorating it as the "Birthplace of Silicon Valley" and marking it as California Registered Historical Landmark No. 976. Steve Job's home where the first...
Melgross quote: "There is no way a company the size of Microsoft gives someone the top position because of loyalty alone." How do you think Ballmer got the job?
Wonderful comments, some of them downright insightful, especially christopher126, fake_william_shatner, and gazoobee. I couldn't agree more.
What about us people who wear prescription glasses? Oh right, we're not cool anyway. There is an antisocial aspect to smart phones, but creepy glasses aren't the solution.
Is that bulge in the top middle of the back the camera? This thing will wobble like crazy when laid on a flat surface. That alone would be a deal breaker for me. Bad design...again!
Since it would have contact with skin, it could provide biometric monitoring and feedback. It could be a real winner with runners, athletes, people who need to monitor their blood pressure, etc.
Can't believe some of the comments here. I thought Dilger did an inciteful analysis of the difference between Apple and the lemmings. My next iPad will have 128GB because I keep doing more with it and putting more on it.
Ironically, the iPhone 5 will come alarmingly close to matching the capabilities of Leica's $7K camera.
Interesting vent system at the window head. Would like to see more detail on how it will work.
If Samsung were an employee of Apple or any other company, they would have been fired by now for stealing. I hope Apple stops doing business with them. They don't need them. It would leave Samsung free to impress us with their innovation.
New Posts  All Forums: