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Nintendo's creation of casual gaming was a mistake. People will stop using smartphones and tablets and go back to desktops and laptops only again. Got it. Thanks for the amazing insight!
http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykosner/2012/10/23/forget-education-the-big-play-with-the-ipad-mini-is-video-advertising/Check out this article. You may have already read it, but I think it's the most (and perhaps only) insightful Apple-related news article I've come across in awhile. What are your thoughts on it?Also, when did Apple admit to dummying down the product naming scheme, as you mentioned above?
Well, if Apple's conjecture that the extra inch makes it an iPad ends up being true, then I will be pleasantly surprised. All I know is, my family is spending more than they would have on an iPod touch, and my girlfriend wants an iPad mini instead of an iPad now.My take is that Apple is really taking a small revenue hit now as a gambit to increase revenue long term, as they have learned the value of the halo. In other words, people who were thinking about a 7-inch tablet...
You and I were both wrong about the name "iPhone 5" (I still dislike it and consider it the dummying down of Apple to appease bloggers and ignorant customers), and the existence of iPad mini.Either way, I'd say that Apple is changing as a company, and your rigid outlook as to how people should use the products isn't necessarily so obvious or even known yet. No one has even purchased an iPad mini yet...As I said in my previous post, my family will be buying iPad minis for...
In my family iPad mini is already cannibalizing iPod touch purchases. I would assume it will in other households as well.
As do your deductive reasoning skills.
Sounds like a bad thermal sensor. Take it to the Apple Store and have them replace your iPhone, or call AppleCare. Software won't correct this issue if the sensor is indeed off.
Google Maps has often routed me to an address or location that is unrelated to my search query.
Interesting, I've had Google route me to entirely different cities, despite the address being entered in correctly and in full (like if I type in Austin, TX and a ZIP, why does it choose to route me to a city in California with a completely different address?). I've also searched for businesses and followed the Google Map route, which lead me to a completely different block or area of town than I was supposed to be in.
Turn-by-turn makes it more useful for me and many other users. I have rarely used Street View, and never for anything that practical.
New Posts  All Forums: