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Google Maps have regularly been unable to locate businesses such as USPS, DPS and various restaurants in Austin, TX. Google Maps have given me unclear and incorrect directions on a number of occasions. Google Maps have taken an unacceptable amount of time to load routes on many occasions.   Sounds like those are too unreliable as well.
I was regularly unable to find buildings such as my local DPS with Google Maps in Austin, TX. I had trouble finding USPS locations, perfectly typed street addresses, and more. Google Maps was far from perfect. What you have here is a mixture of some legitimate issues, that are on par with Google's own issues, or slightly better/worse depending on the area, and a legion of uninformed complainers, looking to parrot what they read in the newspaper or some blog so that they...
Why haven't you?
And you're a photo editor?   Oh lordy...
His intellect vastly outweighs the majority of users that have begun to pollute these boards. I can't speak to his accomplishments, but someone has to say smarter things than idiots. How would we know any better otherwise?
Somehow I'd wager you'd be lambasting all Apple fans and users for loving their retina displays as much as they do if the testing had shown the SIII to be comparable to Apple's 2 year old tech. Really wish you would get banned.
It's a shame that idiots and crooks can have such a negative effect on the value of a company's stock. The app works great, Google Maps work through Safari, and if you really think not having Street View is some kind of deal breaker, than you would probably appreciate the feature-itus found in many Android handsets. Anyone not listening to some heavy-handed blog entry is going to be fine with Maps, now or in 2-6 months.
That's what would have happened if someone in marketing didn't decide to market to people who have trouble counting.
Just flip the 6 upside down and call it the iPhone 9. Then it will be a bigger number than Windows 8, and it will be consistent with Apple's new trend of not naming their iPhone consistently.
"He still remains an employee and receives a token paycheck, est. to be roughly 120k per year. He is also an Apple shareholder."   Thought that was pretty common knowledge. No other Apple-paid person can get away with this type of dissent, and I assume it is because of the type of contract he was grandfathered in with.
New Posts  All Forums: