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He should be removed from Apple Inc. for a conflict of interest. I respect Wozniak's achievements a great deal, but he is still an employee of the company, so I have to question his ethics at this point.   Anyway, I've been using the new Maps in Austin, TX since release and they work pretty flawlessly so far. Why is everyone acting like Google Maps are so great, anyway? I've had numerous search and routing issues, and have been waiting for an alternative since iOS 2.0.
Something like an iPod nano with BlueTooth 4.0 and Siri?
And yet, you're here on an Apple forum discussing the company. If only the sadness of one's existence could be quantified.
One isn't considered clever just because they are able to amuse themselves.
Must... Have... Body Doo
I don't care about the other thread. I asked you a simple and direct question.   If your logic is that iPhone and iPhone 3G are the same generation, why is iPhone 4 called iPhone 4? Further, since you've obfuscated things a little more, why would naming the 4th generation iPhone "iPhone 4" somehow prohibit Apple from calling the 5th generation iPhone, "iPhone 4S"? After all, they did this with their 3rd generation iPhone "iPhone 3GS". If it worked in that instance, why...
That's because a logical conclusion can't be drawn from such a statement.
The company that brags about how pretty their computers are from the inside should fret about such.
So why is the 3rd generation iPhone called iPhone 4? Just because?
5+ years since original iPhone launch maybe. That's the only way it could be positioned for it to make any sense.
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