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I can't wait to see some sweet "Mobile Device Hunters" ads where uneducated cheap people seek out devices without touch screens, accelerometers, high res video cameras and GPS and then gloat about the purchase of their new $25 Windows feature phone with awesome features such as SMS and call waiting.
Stole the words from my mouth, sharpened them up a bit and basically demolished the social agenda. I'm really getting sick of everyone thinking they can tell other people how to live life and run their business. If people don't like it... guess what? iPhone is not a God-given right. It is a luxury item. If you can't afford it, forcing the government on them is just going to hurt their profits and lessen quality SOMEWHERE in the pipeline. I wish people got this. Nothing in...
iPhone 3GS is not more powerful than a Wii. That is pretty ridiculous. You are able to do certain things hardware wise that you cannot on Wii, but Wii still outputs better graphics and offers 1:1 control. I don't doubt Apple's ability to position iPhone 3GS against DS and Wii and be very successful doing so, but let's not get carried away with hype.
In a future update, to separate the Safari/Browsing abilities from the App ratings altogether. You can already turn them off independently, but a .x update will need to allow developers to access these settings through an API and have the software be able to disable browsing features if the user has turned these off. This would allow the App to still be rated according to its unique content, and still protect the poor, innocent youth of America. That, or people could just...
Make an exorbitant amount of shares a part of the next contract renewal. Take a piece of ATT and gain full access to accounts so that activation is more seamless and less problematic. That's what I'd like to see happen. Might be bad for their business though, so perhaps not.
No doubt infuriated by the lack of a mid-range tower in Apple's lineup... Serves them right.
They want to share their video quickly.
This post screams awesome... in the face of small children... at the library.
If you've ever taken a speeding ticket to jury trial, you'd know that it basically is an admission of guilt, at least in the public eye. A cops word, even when he describes his equipment as "the red laser dot thingy" is never to be second-guessed. All this being said, I personally didn't take offense to anything he wrote, or anything anyone else in the thread wrote, except perhaps the fool that said people were too scared to confront cops in person. There are plenty of...
Cops are generally disliked because of their need to control other people's lives. It's the same reason people dislike politicians, school officials and corporations. Just because police are able to get away with brutality, even when it is recorded using digital video and audio, and distributed on YouTube, doesn't mean that their sentiment is any different. It just means the people haven't fully united yet and started taking back "our" country and rights from the...
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