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Well said mah boi!
The possibilities this allows are very exciting. I can't wait to see what developers and hopefully Apple/Google come up with!
I'm not sure if I'd switch from AT&T or not at this point. Granted, I've gotten less than stellar customer support, but here in Austin, their coverage is pretty good, and EDGE is actually pretty quick in many situations. Over in CA, that was a different story. However, I don't live there, so going through the process of transitioning just doesn't sound very appealing at this point in time.
Actually, iPhone caches the current state of the app so you don't have to reload an e-mail or map to resume use. Have you ever actually used one?
You can set Remote to stay connected to your iTunes Library with a warning that it may reduce battery life. Sorry to introduce facts to the discussion.
haha awesome
You are a tool and this post simply makes you look uninformed, biased and ... stupid.
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