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You seem to be confused; if 3GS isn't a generation, why would iPhone 4 proceed it? Sorry, but Apple is dummying down the product line for those who can't be bothered to count, if iPhone 5 ends up being the name.
If it is called iPhone 5, then even Apple is wrong. Sorry, but that is simply pandering to the lowest common denominator and ruins the intelligent naming conventions iPhone carried in the past. Apple may name it iPhone 5 to avoid confusing idiots who don't understand the product line or its history, but there is no reason to call the 6th generation, 4th form factor iPhone an iPhone 5.
iPod nano becomes simply iPod, gaining new connectivity, in particular, BT 4.0 (Internet access can be gained through iPhone/iPad).   iPod shuffle, classic and touch discontinued.   iPad mini introduced (or new iPod touch; doesn't really matter what they call it, but I do think iPod touch is sort of outdated considering iPod nano has touch.)   I'm not a huge fan of something between 3.5 and 10-inches, but it seems like a good business move in some ways.
Yes, the 5th gen. iPhone shipped with Bluetooth 4.0 support last year.
I get a friendly greeting almost every time I go to Walmart.
iPhone 4S sales for this quarter probably won't be able to push it that high.
What if it is still called iPad, just like MacBook Pro/MacBook Air but with different screen size prefixes? ie. 8-inch iPad, 10-inch iPad, 12-inch iPad, etc.   Also, someone mentioned earlier that the component costs will not be much less. That is an interesting point, and leads me to think that this product is really all about margins and driving holiday sales. You release a product with 8 month old specs every year right before the holiday, and sell a ton of...
When you put it like that, anthropology seems rather simple.
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