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This video would seem more credible if it didn't refer to "iPhone 5" as if it meant something.
Interesting, I actually noticed that the M looked strangely jarring. That's why.
You're correct. Their obnoxious, cloying tone make them terrible.
Pardon my ignorance, but why would these things matter in this situation?
Could this potentially be grounds for a mistrial or make appeals easier for Samsung since their lawyer breached the law?
I honestly don't think he is worth that much effort, but good post.
Oh, you're a sperglord, my bad.   Carry on.
I think Dock Connector and FireWire were both supported pretty well by the industry. This won't be any different.
Beat me to it.
You're right because there's absolutely no way to install software or view media on a Mac that did not originate from iTunes.   On your second notion, I believe you have it backwards. I believe that GateKeeper will come to iOS, allowing you to download software from other sources.
New Posts  All Forums: