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I have you blocked but went ahead and clicked.   In short, my decision was sound.
Yes, people are always exactly what their Internet handle means literally.
I think it says a lot about someone when they can only see the negative uses for something new.
  Highly doubtful.
Strange, you don't sound like a fanboy.
It's usually only 4 or 5 for me...
The man likes to cry about things. Let's comfort him.
Well, considering MSFT as we know it would not exist today without Apple, we can consider it evening the score. If the software patent laws weren't so crude when the Mac was introduced, MSFT would be a much different company today, if they had ever become relevant to begin with.
How is there no difference? I mean, there are some similarities. But no difference?
Won't be an iPhone 5, so why include that guess? Otherwise, good list. I'd like to see Apple down to two iPods, or even one, but still have a wearable device that can hopefully act as a real-time widget display one day. This product could develop separately from iPod.
New Posts  All Forums: