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Funny how much you managed to type without a direct response to his/her query.
I'm confused; does he get paid by Ballmer to say things for Microsoft's benefit, or does he have enough money to say what he pleases?
That is precisely what I was alluding to actually. It seems counterintuitive (Ballmer-esque) in that they are literally competing with themselves every time they sell one of these devices. It is going to hurt OEM relationships, and possibly drive alternative OS adoption. I think Ballmer, knowing the stakes, is trying to hedge his bets.   I do, for the record, like that Microsoft is attempting to created integrated solutions. Problem is, if I can't easily explain to my...
 I believe Surface will hurt Microsoft so badly that Ballmer will depart in the next couple years. If it turns out great, it will be his saving grace. The likelihood of that happening, sadly, is quite low in my eyes.
He is known to love just about all new gadgets; he can also afford to buy, use and collect every single electronics device that comes down the pike. I like his attitude just fine, but he definitely isn't a discerning critic.
You forgot the crucial ingredient: must be available in Zune brown!
That's why patents are important, versus say, trademarks.
I hate it when I get rick rolld cuz I always have to watch it.
So this is your way of telling us you are poorly informed and need some clarification on the topic at hand.
Pardon my ignorance, but what the hell happened with 3.x Honeycomb? Seems hardly anybody picked that up. I'm definitely not an Android fan, but even I am curious as to how those metrics are so unwieldy.
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