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I guess this is as good a place as any for technology to plateau. Does everyone else agree to give up on making new things?
So your ignorance about product development is somehow a detriment to Apple. Cool.
Seems like folks confuse "can't afford" with "doesn't offer good value".
If the same holds true for most people, why is iPad dominating tablet sales?   I think you are patently incorrect in your assessment.
I'd like you to go dig for the relevant sources proving your point; go do so please.
  1. of or relating to Draco, 7th-century Athenian statesman andlawmaker, or his code of laws, which prescribed death for almost every offence   I like that you linked to your own fail.
5th gen. iPhone was released last fall.
5th gen. iPhone was released last fall.
They are two separate companies. You probably know this already though.   You're one of the worst posters on this forum.
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