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Restarted the computer and it works fine. Thanks!
The problem is that I can't seem to organize my bookmarks in Safari 1.0. While in the bookmark manager, I attempt to click, drag, and drop a bookmark from one folder to another to no avail. How do I solve this?
Safe boot still doesn't work. We get past the initial startup screen to the mac os x startup screen. But the display problem still happens and it freezes. Similarly, holding down the option key during booting doesn't work. We're calling AppleCare tomorrow morning Thanks, guys.
1. Jaguar. 2. We're trying to do that right now. We can't boot up at all at this moment. 3. No, nothing.
UPDATE: Sometimes I only get a black screen but an audible start-up chime. Sometimes I get the initial start-up screen with the apple logo and progress circle...but it freezes. And sometimes it starts up. But the display problem persists. What do I do?
My girlfriend's iBook will not start-up. It hangs on the initial startup screen where the "progress circle" stops completely. Moving the mouse around produces "whisker" like effects on the right edge of the screen. Display problem? Software Problem? What do I do?
Try AIM Wireless . I use the forwarding service. When I sign off iChat or AOL Instant Messenger, I remained signed on as a "mobile" user where all instant messages are forwarded to my cell phone. It's not the exact solution you're looking for, but it does the job. (Note: iChat does NOT distinguish between mobile and regular users, but AOL IM and AOL does.)
update: she called me a geek
Do it. I just sent an instant message to my girlfriend's cell phone number (+1-xxx-xxx-xxxx), and she replied back...all in the same iChat window for me. It sure beats inputing letters manually on my phone, or using Mail to send messages to her phone. It's perfect for those situations when she's away from her computer, calling her would be inappropriate, and inputting text manually using my phone would be annoying. I enjoy this feature a lot. I also set up my phone so...
Serrano, I think that's very cool. I'm talking to my girlfriend now through iChat and she's responding via SMS messages on her cell phone. (...or something like that) There can never be enough ways to communicate! Thanks, Shawn
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