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this is the most exciting news yet! For me Really been looking forward to this. FCS3 was not so great. If this new update for FCP is as amazing as ppl say it is then it will really strengthen Apple's place in the Pro Post production world as well as pro editor's confidence in Apple. The thing that I wonder about is what will Apple do with DVD Studio Pro and will they deliver the old rumored Phenomenon (Shake replacement) or will Motion be the kill app
I am most eager to start investigating the read and write speeds that this might make available for external storage devices. I suppose that external enclosures will have to catch up before we start seeing suitable external devices. At the moment I have 2 Sata2 drives connected to my MBP, anything better than that and more convenient than that will be awesome beyond belief. Also would like to see this on iMac in future - I'ld get an iMac if it had this - FW and USB is...
I'ld Like to see Light Peak on the iMac so I can added some external drives. USB and FW is just too slow for my HD work. And no Express Card slot on the iMac and most MBPs is frustrating.
nice - I am looking forward to that. A touch screen interface to Apple's Pro Apps on an iMac will be awesome.
you don't think Apple will come out with Apple.me? lol
GDDR5 memory? I am certainly falling behind. lol no USB 3.0 and BluRay? At some point Apple will have to give in
Very nice. The 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 processor (hmm, maybe the 256GB SSD is too small) is a great option for some more hard core Video Editing and Motion Graphics. Although nothing can beat out that 12 Core Mac Pro - my goodness. Well at least the iMac i7 is more affordable - relatively speaking.
awesome. I was bit worried that the Mac Pro was being ignored. faith is restored. and so is my passion oh, how I want and desire a 12 core Mac Pro. oh please can I have one, I am sure my bank will not allow me to buy one, lol
ooo, this is intensive enough to delve a little deeper and use it more than just for my blog Phillip Gibb SynapticLight
iDVD will not be included????? huh thank goodness I have Final Cut Studio no wait, when will they discontinue DVD Studio Pro what insanity as for the mystery app - I think that it will be an image editor or some scaled down version of Apple Motion that has some image editing capabilities
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