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OK. This may be an issue with the security differences between Java 8 [or Java 7] and Java 6 from Apple. I deal with this issue while using my firm's Java-based database applet. It works just fine in Java 6. However, it struggles in Java 7 and is inoperable in Java 8. The problem is that the applet was written for a substantially less secure older JVM. Java 8 requires a server certificate that the older JVM does not have. See if you can locate, download, and install Java...
Two questions: Where did you acquire your Java runtime? Which version do you have installed?
It is called "the answer to a question that no one asked." Deal with it;)
You do understand that Office 2013 is Windows-based software?Excel 2010 is Windows-based software. The most recent version of Excel:mac is Excel 2011, part of the Office 2011 suite.
Yep. When you the Bitten Apple logo, you know that it was cheap all the way. Apple ][? Cheap. Macintosh? Cheap. LaserWriter? Cheap. iPod? Cheap. iPhone? Cheap.iPad? Cheap!And it is not just the price of the products that you expect to be cheap. It is the manufacturing materials. In the case of Watch, we know that sapphire is much cheaper than ordinary glass or acrylic used in traditional watches. And then there are production processes. Apple goes bottom-dredging by...
I think you mean PowerMax.
It is unclear exactly what you are trying to say here. One is left to infer that IBM will screw over Apple. In so doing, you confuse IBM with Microsoft. IBM's faults are many, but it has long been a company that operated with a positive level of integrity. This is not to say that this partnership will not end some day. Afterall, it is a partnership, not a merger. The partnership may even end over a dispute. However, a dispute may be an honest difference between the...
I wouldn't worry about Samsung. As soon as Apple releases "The Next Big Thing," Samsung will have something new to copy.
No, it was the Pentium that had the bug. At the time, there were a lot of jokes about it. Mac users got no end of pleasure from the situation. An example:Q: What is "Intel Inside"?A: A warning.
Um-m-m-m, no. Alpha and Itanium were not used in consumer computers. Microsoft dropped support for those two architectures years after it dropped support for the PowerPC. It dropped Windows NT PPC in 1997 when the extant version of NT was Windows NT 4.0. That was back in the 1990s when the PPC was definitely not dying. This was during reign of the Power Macintosh 9600 and siblings (aka PPC G2) and before the iMac, G3, G4, and G5. Contrary to your assertion, the PPC was in...
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