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The kindest thing that can be said about the architosh.com piece is that it is misinformation. You are the one who chose to share the misinformation. You let on that the story was credible enough to throw a tantrum over.The architosh.com piece was entirely too easy to check to post without checking it. It was entirely too easy to say something like: "Hey look what Architosh.com is saying about the Mac Pro!" No, you chose to represent the story as true. Now live with the...
Why would you post such complete and utter nonsense when a quick visit to the Apple website shows that it is clearly not true?
That's just nonsense. Macs running System 6 and System 7 were infected with viruses the same way the PC-compatibles running MS-DOS were infected. Viruses were introduced via floppy disk. As the Internet became popular, a higher percentage of Macs were connected to the Internet than machines running MS-DOS/Windows.
Yes, it does. The price OS X updates is covered by the price of your new Mac.
OK. If you have solved your problem, then you may ignore the post. If not, then I am mystified about the nature of your problem. When I click the Media icon and then the Photos tab in the drop-down panel, both my iPhoto and Photos libraries appear. It just works. Is there anything extraordinary about your Photos library?
Dammit man, pull yourself together!
I have never expressed a desire to steal your guns, except in your overly active imagination.
As he jumped off the balcony after shooting President Lincoln in the back of the head, John Wilkes Booth shouted "Sic Semper Tyrannis" [Thus be to tyrants]. Here you are expressing the same sentiments 150 years after that awful night.Having already complained about Reconstruction, you now express common cause with America's first Presidential assassin. You are one sick puppy.
The Civil War began in 1860. It ended in 1865. That is five years of United States history. Its had no effect on world history before 1860.Reconstruction ended in 1877. It is a lame excuse to blame the condition of the Confederate states on Reconstruction 138 years after the end of Reconstruction. The blame should be placed on those who continue to resist the fact that the World has changed since 1865. It is not going to change back.Repeat the word delusion all you want....
Clarify your point. Is it delusional to believe that the AR-15 is effective against unarmed opponents? Is is delusional to believe that you people think that everyone is out to get you?You don't seem to understand that eleven states tried the fight thing 155 years ago. It did not end well. Now, 150 years after the end of the Civil War the 11 states that succeeded and fought against the United States are among the poorest in the Nation. Although many citizens of those...
New Posts  All Forums: