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Terrible idea. Adding multiple variations to the internal offerings of the Watch will increase costs with no increased benefits to the customer.
I would say that the Thermovoltaic Effect is somewhat more serious than "no problem."
Who is stopping you?
Nothing in this stream-of-consciousness post even remotely justifies an Apple-Rolex hook-up.
I agree. Those claiming that Force Touch requires a "flexible" display material do not understand that everything is flexible--including diamond. Think of the display as somewhat like a rubber sheet. Press down, the display bends down. However, the press also changes the distance between the base electrode and the display-edge electrode of each force sensor--thus reducing the capacitance of each.The bottom line is that this does not seem to be a complicated physics...
I learned a long time ago that reporters and headline writers are two different groups with two different objectives. It is not at all uncommon for the headline to misrepresent the text that follows. This is why I don't take headlines seriously. The text of the OP does not say that the Apple Watch will be Apple's most expensive product ever. 
 Read with comprehension. The OP does not claim that the Apple Watch will be the most expensive Apple product ever. It says that the Watch will be "among the most expensive" and that it "could" exceed the most expensive product in Apple's current product line. Reminding us that Apple offered computer models priced at $10,000 does nothing to falsify the OP.
Handoff is an OS feature. To be specific, it is an iOS 8/OS X Yosemite feature. If your device is not booted into an OS that supports the feature, then you cannot expect it to work.
Given no additional information, your files sound like the individual segments of a segmented archive. Segmented archives breakup single compressed files into multiple files in the case of a single file's being too large. They usually have the form:{Archive name}.{extenstion}{Archive name}.000{Archive name}.001etc.Locate all files whose that share the same {Archive name} as your .000 and .001 files. One of these files share have an alpha extension such as .zip, .tar, .par,...
So Tim Cook's reputation for squeezing all of the padding out of Apple's outsourcing contracts is undeserved?
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