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  Where to begin? Despite having transitioned the Macintosh to new processors about 20 years ago and again in 2006, your position appears to be that it is not possible to do so again. Suffice it to say, I disagree. I will repeat a statement made above: Power Mac G3s ran MC68040 code faster in emulation than Macintosh Quadras ran it natively.   As for Intel code, the emulator does not have to emulate every aspect of the Intel processor. It need only emulate every aspect of...
Huh? Some of us don't get out much.   Apple transitioned the Mac from Motorola/Freescale's 68k processor family to the IBM/Motorola/Freescale PowerPC. Macs running both architectures ran Windows in emulation. PPC-based Macs ran 68k transparently. Apple sold a Power Macintosh/SoftWindows bundle for those who wanted to run Windows on their Macs. The PPC G3 ran 68k-based code in emulation faster than the most recent 68k-based Macs ran it natively. Eventually, VirtualPC...
  You are absolutely correct. People seem to forget if they ever knew that the original development systems for the Xbox 360 were Apple Power Mac G5s running Windows NT. This was years after Microsoft "dropped" PPC support in Windows NT. 
By Pro, I assume that you mean MacBook Pro. How large is your hard drive and how much free space does it have?
If Office 2011 is slow and unresponsive on your system, then the problem is on your system. We can't fix a problem on your system until you give some information about your system.
I have my iPhone is a case. So that would be a "No."
  This is not the best way and it is not how Apple does business. When Apple needs its own manufacturing capacity, it uses its cash reserves to build the factory capacity for its contractor.
huerix, you need to add fiber to your diet. The fact is that the only iPhone that you are forced to purchase from Apple is the iPhone itself. Chargers, docks, extra ear buds, and other peripherals are available from third parties like Griffin. I usually purchase my iPhones at the AT&T Store. These peripherals are right there on AT&T's carousels and none of them at branded Apple.   As for Macs, virtually no peripheral today is Mac-exclusive. What is more, the only...
POWER is a RISC-based chipset. The original PowerPC was a single-chip implementation of POWER. Apparently latter versions of PowerPC and POWER cross-pollinated each other. POWER3 was based on PowerPC 620. POWER3 was originally intended to be the PowerPC 630. The last PowerPC family, the PowerPC 970 aka PPC G5, was based on the POWER4 chipset. The current POWER chip set is the POWER7.
New Posts  All Forums: