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You admit that you were wrong. Finally!
This is just plain wrong. In 1984, Apple was a well-established company and one of the oldest personal computer companies in existence. This established company was introducing the Macintosh, a new product. It is important to understand that the Macintosh was not even an entirely new venture for Apple. The Macintosh was a inexpensive follow-on to the Apple Lisa introduced in 1983. The Lisa was later folded into the Macintosh line as the Macintosh XL.
Some of us beg to differ.
Screwed up how? I cannot recall the last time that Apple launched a major new product with enough inventory to meet demand. Can you?
Marvin, you have made some excellent points. Keep up the good work.
Let's not talk about anecotes; let's talk about global iPhone sales. The iPhone was launched during 2007Q3. During 2007Q4, the first quarter in available for the entire quarter, Apple sold 1.12 million iPhones. During 2008Q1, the following quarter, Apple sold 2.32 million iPhones, more than double the previous quarter. Since is one of the few quarters in which global iPhone sales improved quarter-over-quarter mid-cycle. The figures are available here.
To cute by half. This exchange is about the pent-up demand for the iPhone prior to launch and the clamor for it upon launch. I gave you a link that shows a throng of customers ready to buy on launch day. Now you want to change the subject to what happened latter. The fact that the iPhone is rules the World today does not change the fact that it was pretty darned popular when it launched--complaints about the lack of 3G notwithstanding.
If you are too lazy to do your own Google search, then I am cool with that. You may start with this link. If you need others, then feel free to ask.
Oh please. To claim that there was no pent-up demand because you did not see it is just silly. There was very much pent-up demand and the things that accompany pent-up demand in the US on the day that the iPhone launched. Among the things that accompany pent-up demand were long queues, police guards and barricades, and refreshments supplied by the retailer.
I don't have a beef with the gist of your comment, but I do believe that you and others minimize the public anticipation of the iPhone back in 2007. The iPhone had been the subject of rumor and speculation for months. When Steve Jobs finally introduced it, the public "got it." During the six-month interregnum between the introduction of the iPhone and the day that it went on sale, it became the subject of a pop song. In the US, the iPhone was available primarily through...
New Posts  All Forums: