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  If your camera supports USB Automount--and most do, then this is trivial. This is the part of the USB standard that mounts your camera's file system on the Desktop. You may then simply drag your DCIM folder or any of the photos contained therein to wherever you want on your hard drive or anywhere is. With your photos where you want them, you may use iPhoto or any other photo editor/manager with your photos. iPhoto gives you the option of not importing your photos into...
  There is nothing unusual or untoward about the graph. It is standard graph type called "Double-Y." Look it up.
Cheesehed got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Several other developers released Mountain Lion-compatibility updates prior to the Mountain Lion release to accommodate customers who were running developmental versions of the new OS.
  You do understand that Safari synchronizes bookmarks across all platforms, don't you?
  No, you don't have to take it at all.
Pages is geared to creating documents for hard copy. This will also work if you have PDF as the destination format. The ePub format is a different medium. I tried to make it clear that things that work on paper will not work in ePub. Think of every webpage that you have ever seen that have the message "This page works best at 640x480." at the bottom of the page. Well, this is worse than that.   Many people believe that Word is just the bee's knees as a worprocessor....
My bad. This forum does not have a an devoted to programming. However, other Mac fans site have such areas. The Software Programming and Web Scripting area of MacOS X.com comes to mind.
Let me say this using words that perhaps you can understand. HTML and abbreviation for HyperText Mark-up Language. This is the plain text format that is primarily used to create web pages such as the one that you are reading now. Whether used for web pages or help files, HTML documents are plain text. ePub files are enhanced HTML files. The ePub files generated by Pages are document bundles much like regular Pages documents. A bundle is a special folder structure that...
With the Development Tools including Xcode installed, the Mac is arguably the best programming environment on any platform. Unlike your current environment where the development environment costs an arm and a leg, Apple's development environments have a long tradition of being free. Prior to MacOS X, there were several expensive third-party development environments for the Mac, but Apple Macintosh Programmers Workbench (MPW) was absolutely free. The development...
As you know, ePub is a superset of HTML. Therefore, you should be able to upon the automatically-generated ePub files with a text editor such as the free TextWrangler. Edit the links within the file to change them from their default locations to the locations that you want.
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