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This problem had nothing to do with lack of Mac support by Oracle. Java's vulnerability affects all platforms for which Java 7 browser plug-ins exist. I have not followed this latest vulnerability, however the U. S. Government issued a warning not to use Java following the discovery of the last vulnerability. I cannot recall the Government's ever before issuing such a warning. In view of this, Apple would have been derelict in its duty and possibly legally liable if it...
HEVC is still in development. After it is released, individual licensees will not pay separate license fees to individual rights holders. That is not how this is done. Any license fee will be paid to the licensing body that is designating to accept the fee. That body will then distribute agreed-upon percentages of each payment to each rights holder.
  You may have been born yesterday, but many of us were not. Windows RT is not Microsoft's first rodeo. Bill Gates has a fetish for tablets. When he ran Microsoft, he did his damnedest to make a go of tablets. Gates released tablet computers based on Windows extant. This was years before Apple's iPad showed Microsoft how to do the job correctly. With nothing to compete against them, tablets based on traditional Windows were dismal failures. Given a choice between a...
  Absolutely. My firm handle virtually all enterprise business through a vertical market application based on Oracle. Administrative access to the database is done exclusively through a Java-based client.   For children who play with knives, most Torrent clients I know of are Java-based. The popular Vuze torrent client/media player is very much Java-based. Among other Java-based OS X applications are MSN Live messenger client, Mercury Messenger. 
Read and be wise.
It is true that the newbie necroposted. It is also true that Perian has been discontinued. However, it still works. It is also still available for download on the Perian website. There is no reason to not use it until it no longer works.
Three things: The AIM Alliance and the PowerPC were nearly 20 years ago. Apple has many experimental projects in Cupertino. The vast majority of these projects never see the light of day. Apple processors including the A6/A6X are systems on a chip rather than discrete processors. Is it possible that Apple will revert to discrete components? Certainly. It is likely? Certainly not.
  Just makes you want to find the line at your nearest Apple Store and wait for it, doesn't it?
  It appears that you have identified the fundamental flaw in a certain group's conception of the Apple HDTV. Theirs is not so much an Apple TV set as it is an Apple replacement for virtually all visual entertainment in the home. Their concept of the Apple TV is just the front end to this new closed infrastructure. In this view, there will be no cable TV, no satellite TV, no DVDs, no Blu-ray, no video camera playback, no game consoles, and no broadcast TV.   Before going...
Decimated literally means 1 in 10 were killed. The word is neither accurate nor appropriate in this context. Obliterated is the appropriate term when all hands are lost or the unit is left with few survivors.
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