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  No, it is something that no one has reposted that diagram. It is a visual representation of the fact that viewing distance partially determines the criteria for retina display. Several of us have "mentioned" this fact, your being the latest.
  The fonts are TrueType vector objects which are inherently resolution-independent.
  I want what you are smoking. I have never before bought an Apple router, but my next router will be an Airport Extreme or whatever Apple offers to replace the Airport Extreme. My first router was a Siemens. All subsequent routers have been [Cisco] Linksys. My current router is a Cisco LInksys E3000. I don't buy junk. The E3000 set me back US$169.00, roughly the same price as an extant Airport Extreme. After I purchased the LInksys E3000, I learned that it was not...
Whining about Apple's markup clouds the issue. Whether from Apple or some other company, SSDs are substantially more expensive that HDDs of similar capacity.
You draw conclusions totally unsupported by evidence. There is simply no reason to assume that an iMac with standard SSD will provide a bigger return than standard HDD. Including both as standard equipment makes no sense at all. Doing so would mean that the iMac would have to be larger to accommodate the added SSD. An iMac with standard SSD implies a thinner form factor because SSDs are physically smaller than HDDs of equivalent capacity, use less power, and thus require...
Not really. Text will look better only if the viewer sits closer to the screen than is advisable.
My head hurts.   I gather that Comcast is your Internet Service Provider. If this is the case, then you have a cable modem. You have not said how you connect to your cable modem. If you connect directly via Ethernet, then your modem must be powered off for about 30 seconds before before turning it back on. Powering the modem off forces the modem to get a new IP address from Comcast.   If you are accessing the modem wirelessly, then there are two...
Thought? TrueType and OpenType are font technologies. Icons and widgets are not fonts.
  You are mistaken. These "resolution-independent" icons works pretty much the way that current icons do albeit with much high pixel density. They are bitmapped aka raster graphics. The OS interpolates among high pixel-density icons to achieve the illusion of resolution-independence. PDF graphics are vector or outline graphics which mean that they are always rastered at the resolution of the display to printed medium. No interpolation is done or required. I assume that...
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