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  It is true that PC vendors don't have the profits that Apple makes. However, that is not the reason that they are at such a disadvantage to Apple. The reason is that Apple has a $95 billion cash horde that it uses strategically to buy whatever it needs to produce the products that it wants to make.   This gives Apple an insurmountable lead in product startup. Apple widens its insurmountable lead by by controlling its supply chain and distribution network to wring every...
I cannot disagree more. First off, iWork documents are not flat files. They are ZIPped bundles. UnZIPped, they are very much like MacOS X applications albeit without the embedded executables files that are at the heart of application bundles. This means that there are practical and technical reasons for not converting iWork to an Office clone. The other reason is that it is simply a bad idea on several levels.   What seems unacknowledged in this conversation is that...
Wow! A MacBook Pro will not burn your lap in any event. What makes you think otherwise? Furthermore, this sort of thing is handled automatically by the computer as part of the battery extending strategy.
http://www.att.net/ resolves to http://att.my.yahoo.com/. Because I have a Yahoo! account that is already logged in, I have no issue at all using Safari to access the site.
  No, the 3ivx codec was not automatically installed. You installed it some time ago. Not uninstalling user software is not the same as automatically installing it.
What part of "developmental" do you not understand?
The title of this thread is misleading and false. The facts as stated imply that Apple has [i]un[/i]officially dropped the 17" MacBook Pro. To officially drop the its top-of-the-line laptop, Apple would have to announce that it was doing so.
I think that Apple is messing with you. Liquidmetal.com is the Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. website. It is devoted to information about its alloy. There is no hint that Liquidmetal Technologies has business interests unrelated to the alloy. We can rest assured that Apple will switch to Liquidmetal as the its case material for at least some of its products. Cases do not need network connectivity. Liquidmetal is a miracle material but is not perfect. In particular, its...
The Apple Store is back up. No new products. The change is that it is targeting those who want to purchase gifts for Father's Day. This may be a new direction for the Apple Store. I don't recall a past pitch quite like this.
My experience downloading Lion from the Mac App Store was completely unremarkable. It required no more than a few minutes and did not require a retry. 
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