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Having attended a scientific computing conference where two Apple employees were the featured guests, I have to disagree.
If you had done a little more research, then you would know that this is not true.
Whether you realize it not, you just confirmed that Macs were based on the same processors used by Sun and other workstation manufacturers. This confirmation completely eviscerates your contention that Macs had "wimpy" processors. To drive the point home, 128 K Macs benchmarked to about 50% of Sun workstation. It is interesting that you brought the LaserWriter into the conversation. The LaserWriter was also based on the 68000. Two revolutionary devices both based on a...
I gather that you have no idea what the world of personal computing was like in 1984. The Mac used the Motorola 68000 processor. Before it developed its SPARC RISC processor, Sun used the 68000 as the basis of its workstations including its original workstation. Also based on the 68000 were computers from Hewlett-Packard, Radio Shack, IBM, and many others. In the case of IBM, its Scientific PC was a Unix-based desktop based on the 68000. IBM also sold a System 360...
The WikiPedia entry that you intended to post is this one:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Computer,_Inc._v._Microsoft_Corp.
To expand upon Tallest Skil's response, Steve Jobs wanted Microsoft support for the Mac when it was announced. At the time, Microsoft was really nowhere in the pantheon of productivity application developers. It offered Microsoft Word, a word processor that ran in MS-DOS graphics mode, and Multiplan, a spreadsheet. However, both were decent enough applications but they also both labored in the shadows of much more popular competitors.Gates saw the Mac as his opportunity to...
Um-m-m-m, no. You cannot give the same credit to the copy that is given to the original. Android is a crib of iOS. Windows was a floundering failure until Microsoft gained access to Apple code for the Macintosh.
 It is amazing that there are people who seem not to know this. If you have Thunderbird setup on your system, then install Postbox. It will transparently inherit your Thunderbird settings. It was astonishing to read the post above that claimed that Postbox is like an enhanced version of Mail. More power to those for whom Postbox is worth the fee. However, I have never seen the value that Postbox adds to Thunderbird.
Keeping one's anger to one's self is generally good advice. However, your are absolutely wrong about the specifics in this case. Go back and reread DJCuzz's post. His wife now hates Macs because she could not find a calendar template after he convinced her to switch from PC to a Mac. She did her calendar on a PC because she could not find what she was looking for on the Mac.
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