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Agreed.The last few posts to this thread are absolute nonsense. There are several mistakes being made here that boggle the mind. The difference between OS X and iOS is the I/O including the UI. The UI and the applications on iOS are optimized for multi-touch. The UI and applications on OS X are optimized for WIMP. The notion that OS X does multitasking but iOS does not is just plain wrong. What you see onscreen notwithstanding, iOS multitasks like crazy behind in the...
In what way has Apple compromised the Watch to cobrand models with Hermes?As to the rest of your comment, you clearly have a short history with Apple. Before Apple developed the iPhone, it partnered with Motorola on a special version the Motorola ROKR, feature phone with built-in iTunes music app. Apple's Network Server line of servers featured IBM's AIX Unix-based OS. Apple has numerous other examples of cooperation with other companies. Currently, the most prominent of...
Correction. The newly released Mac version of Canvas comes in one flavor, Canvas Draw. Canvas X 16 is exclusively a Windows product. To the best of my knowledge, Canvas X Pro is a rumor. Rumors do not count as released products.That said, I have purchased Canvas Draw. I have been most pleased that it handled every Canvas X file that I threw at it. I have seen complaints from other users that Canvas Draw has issues with Canvas 3.5.6 files that that don't have file...
No good is served by misinformation. Calling it "speculation" after you are called on does not change the fact it is misinformation. Calling it "very good speculation" means that you are trying have it both ways.
The kindest thing that can be said about the architosh.com piece is that it is misinformation. You are the one who chose to share the misinformation. You let on that the story was credible enough to throw a tantrum over.The architosh.com piece was entirely too easy to check to post without checking it. It was entirely too easy to say something like: "Hey look what Architosh.com is saying about the Mac Pro!" No, you chose to represent the story as true. Now live with the...
Why would you post such complete and utter nonsense when a quick visit to the Apple website shows that it is clearly not true?
That's just nonsense. Macs running System 6 and System 7 were infected with viruses the same way the PC-compatibles running MS-DOS were infected. Viruses were introduced via floppy disk. As the Internet became popular, a higher percentage of Macs were connected to the Internet than machines running MS-DOS/Windows.
Yes, it does. The price OS X updates is covered by the price of your new Mac.
OK. If you have solved your problem, then you may ignore the post. If not, then I am mystified about the nature of your problem. When I click the Media icon and then the Photos tab in the drop-down panel, both my iPhoto and Photos libraries appear. It just works. Is there anything extraordinary about your Photos library?
Dammit man, pull yourself together!
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