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You can hope, can't you?
You appear to be confused as to the role that the courts play in government. Courts decide matters not of history but of law. Our lowest ranking courts are triers of fact. Courts of appeal do not retry cases. They rely on the records from lower courts to determine whether or not the lower court properly applied the law. The Supreme Court is our highest appeals court. However, it generally takes only those cases that present a Constitutional issue.It might surprise you to...
No, the problem is that I inadvertently clicked the wrong post to reply to. I then posted my reply without proofing it first. have since corrected my error.You and I are cool.
Thank you for your thoughtful and considered rebuttal. You represent well your point of view and those who share it.
Kentucky rifles were up to 70 inches long. That made them difficult conceal carry unless the owner had legs longer than those of the average man. A better choice was the flintlock pistol. At only three pounds in weight and 15 inches in overall length, much smaller men could conceal carry a flintlock pistol. It was also much easier to handle than a Kentucky rifle. A reasonably proficient shooter required only 15 seconds to load one. Assuming the primer powder is not ignited...
You are correct. The text of the Second Amendment is as follows:Thomas Jefferson's original draft of the Second Amerndment read:The Second Amendment was ratified to address a particular issue with the Constitution. That particular issue was the the Constitution gave Congress sole authority to raise an army. Certain states were concerned that state militias which would have superseded the old colonial militias were not allowed under the Constitution. These concerned...
NTFS is better designed that FAT32. HFS+? Not so much.
Funny. I have been an Apple product owner since 1989 when I bought my first Mac. Among my current Apple products in use is a 42 mm Space Black SS Watch with Space Black SS link bracelet. Some of my Apple purchases have been 1st generation. Whatever generation I have purchased, i have never been burned by any Apple product. I certainly have not been burned by my Watch.
Are you talking about Photos as in the new OS X photograph management application or photos as in image files that you want to display inline?
Unlike you two geniuses, I actually researched gang-related crime--on the Internet including the FBI gang crime website and a separate Federal gang violence website. Two things jump out from the data presented:There is nothing that a rational person can characterize as an explosion gang-related crime. To the contrary, the latest figures presented on the primary Federal gang crime website shows that some gang-related crime metrics are down.Homicide is generally not...
New Posts  All Forums: