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I suppose that it would surprise you to learn that white on white crime exceeds black on black crime? Surprise!
iTune 12.2 just appeared in my Mac App Store.
This is your evidence? Wow. Some of us are easily persuaded. Your first link is to a single individual. By his own admission, the author Casey Chan was a reluctant buyer going in. He bought an Watch despite his misgivings. He went from being a reluctant buyer to a dissatisfied owner. I just call him stupid. I am certain that there are others like him, but you have no basis by which you can generalize the stupidity of Chan onto any known fraction of Watch buyers. He...
You keep making very broad assertions with no evidence to backup any of them.
Au contraire. To the extent that no one can guarantee success, then you are correct. However, all except the inveterate naysayers got the original iPhone when they saw it. During the six-month interval between Steve Job's introduction of the iPhone and the day that it went on sale, the iPhone became the subject of legend and song--literally.
The fact that Bernie Sanders is a socialist is hardly a revelation. He ran for Senate as a socialist. He won as a socialist. He ran for reelection as a socialist. He won reelection as a socialist. He is now running for the Democratic nomination for President. To the best of my knowledge, Sanders has not yet joined the Democratic Party. He is still a socialist and proudly so.You may be trying to channel Sen. Joseph McCarthy, but this is not the 1950s. Most Western European...
Bernie Sanders is a good man, but he is not perfect. His opposition to gun control is a huge imperfection.
Wow! Talk about moving the goal posts.
Do not forget that each "accident victim" was shot multiple times. Roof "accidentally" reloaded his gun several times before he left the church.
Everyone on this forum understands the argument for the notion that popularity correlates to vulnerability. All you did was to repeat the argument. Nonsense repeated is still nonsense.
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