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They don't prevent one from being a serious athlete, but they certainly don't make someone a serious athlete.
Ochsners Health Services is one of the finest healthcare providers in America. As a Louisiana native and resident, I am proud of it and its groundbreaking work with the Apple Watch. As for our Governor, Piyush "Bobby" Jindal is probably the most cynical politician in the country today. Given Jindal's background and education, it is impossible to conceive of a scenario in which Jindal actually believes any of the nonsense that he says. However, he pioneered much of the...
Complete nonsense. The vast majority of marathoners run the races for physical fitness and personal satisfaction.
So this explains why the iPhone can be used only for making phone calls?Good to know.
Analog or digital, clearly audio volume has a lower limit--dead silence. I am not aware of a defined upper limit to volume, but there is most certainly a practical upper limit--perhaps several practical upper limits. The limit that trumps them all is the limit to the current that your amplifier can produce. Suffice it to say, I don't see the point of unlimited rotation for a knob that controls a physical quantity with well-defined limits. But if you say so, I will reserve...
Your audio equipment has controls with limits on their rotation both clockwise and counterclockwise. In motor vehicle steering wheel parlance, they are known as "lock-to-lock." In the case of passenger cars, their steering wheels may have 3 turns lock-to-lock.The controls on the amplifiers in This is Spinal Tap went from "0" to "11." However, they likely had limits less than a single turn. As I said before, a watch crown is expected to rotate in either direction without...
There is a huge technical reason. In its current state, the crown is little more than a metal shaft that slides and rotates. To add a sensor to the crown means also routing signal leads through the shaft. The signal leads require an input socket to link to the mainboard of the Watch.A crown also requires the freedom to rotate through unlimited angles both clockwise and counterclockwise. There is a fundamental conflict between connecting sensor leads and the requirement...
Tell Steve, I said "Hi."
What are you smoking and where can I get some?
I take it that you don't know that streaming water from the jets in a Jacuzzi has lower static pressure than the still water in the tub.
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