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Brilliant analysis. Its only flaw is that Android has more exploits and they are more serious.
Not this old saw again. The marketshare excuse for security exploits was pulled out of Bill Gates's butt back in the early days of Windows XP. The excuse is ahistoric. At the time exploits to Windows XP nearly brought Microsoft to its knees. Despite the number and seriousness of extant XP exploits, Windows 98 was actually still much more popular. Security vulnerabilities and exploits are driven by design and design flaws, not marketshare.
I will not get into an argument with you. Your Wikipedia page clearly says that iOS did not become iPhone OS until 2008, the year after the iPhone went on sale. The site also said that the iPhone was run by "some version of OS X." That was not a quote from Apple. Apple specified that the iPhone ran OS X 10.5. A subtle point that you are clearly missing is that in 2007 and earlier, Apple always referred to Mac OS X as "MacOS X" or "MacOS X" followed by its version number in...
I see that some of us do not read or read with comprehension:
Um-m-m-m,. no. iOS was originally called OS X 10.5. It predated MacOS X 10.5 by several months.The case against a change in the name of OS X is actually much stronger than the point that you made. Consider this:Although Apple calls its full-featured computer operating system "OS X," the most prominent promotional element of the name is the "X"--not "Mac," not "OS," just the big uppercase "X." Switching to an "11" would not have the same impact. With the switch from species...
So the thieves in your neighborhood rely on Internet fansites to learn how to dispose of stolen goods? Count your blessings.
The Watch Edition is a valuable device and well worth any thief's time or risk of capture. It's gold content is not inconsequential. However, the gold content of an Watch Edition is no more worth $10,000 that the aluminum content of an Watch Sport is worth $350. You would probably get more for a stolen Edition on eBay or at a shady pawn shop than you would get for the gold content of its case.
Complete and utter nonsense. Hanging an iPhone from your rear view mirror is a completely different concept that focusing the image of a HUD over the hood of your car. As I said in my previous post, the HUD is designed to be viewed simultaneously with the road. That is to say that seeing the road and the HUD can be done simultaneously without having to refocus to view either. Your iPhone placed where it is requires you to refocus your vision to see it. Thus, road is...
You do realize that you example is complete nonsense? No, I guess you don't.Let me explain it to you. That iPhone is located about 1-2 feet from your eyes. The visible road is located 8 feet or more from your eyes. If you focus on the iPhone, then you cannot see the road. If you focus on the road, then you cannot see the iPhone.Step into a car with HUD--heads-up display. You will see that HUD focuses its image over your hood which allows you to simultaneously view the HUD...
The optional ability to place cellular phone calls is a feature of OnStar. However, OnStar works whether or not you can get a cellular signal.
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