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In the immortal words of Maxwell Smart: "Missed it tha-a-at much!" What you are describing were the state militias. Certain states required all able-bodied white men to serve in the militia. The Second Amendment was designed to address the fear that the Federal Government could conscript all able-bodied white men, leaving no one at home to serve in the militia.As Piers Morgan said of Charlie Sheen: "You’re entitled to behave however the hell you like as long as you don’t...
Where in any of your posts is an acknowledgment that the Second Amendment had anything to do with well-regulated militias?Oh, here it is. I apologize. Implicit in your response is an acknowledgment that the Supreme Court in Heller expanded the right protected in the Second Amendment to include owning a gun for personal self-defense.Well the reasoning that it was affirmed to preserve state independence is clearly wrong and the court affirmed that the right is an individual...
Most people who are reasonably informed on the issue of gun rights are familiar with the Heller Case. I most certainly was familiar with it.Most of us will agree that our Founding Fathers were among the most brilliant men ever to lead this Nation. Personal self-defense and hunting for food would seem to be such an obvious reasons to own a weapon that it strains credulity to believe that neither reason to them. The only reason for owning a weapon that our Founding Fathers...
How do you completely ignore the first clause of the Second Amendment?
You have wa-a-a-ay too much free time.
I gather that you have never seen an Apple flat panel display in the wild. This Mac/MacBook Pro/iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch owner sees displays that are second to none. Apple displays in the wild are every bit as good as those pictured in Apple promotional materials.
You can hope, can't you?
You appear to be confused as to the role that the courts play in government. Courts decide matters not of history but of law. Our lowest ranking courts are triers of fact. Courts of appeal do not retry cases. They rely on the records from lower courts to determine whether or not the lower court properly applied the law. The Supreme Court is our highest appeals court. However, it generally takes only those cases that present a Constitutional issue.It might surprise you to...
No, the problem is that I inadvertently clicked the wrong post to reply to. I then posted my reply without proofing it first. have since corrected my error.You and I are cool.
Thank you for your thoughtful and considered rebuttal. You represent well your point of view and those who share it.
New Posts  All Forums: