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You don't get out much. The fault that you find in the Watch Edition is easy to find in any premium watch. The Roger Dubuis Excaliber Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon RDDBEX0395 will hit you for £235,500. This is somewhat north of your average Rolls Royce or Bentley. Do you believe that the Roger Dubuis watch has anywhere near the material needed to justify its premium over the super luxury sedan?We don't have to go to precious metals. Take a look at your a stainless...
And you know this how?
I did not say that the Thermovoltaic Effect is a major issue, but it is an issue. It may be a major issue in plumbing. However, it is an issue that must be addressed anywhere you join two dissimilar metals. Without steps taken to mitigate it, the Thermovoltaic Effect may initiate corrosion at the junction.
Based on your previous posts on this thread, I understand that you are not joking. This just makes you woefully mistaken. Placebos are used in the study of double-blind drug efficacy studies.In double-blind studies, neither those administering the drugs nor those taking the drugs know whether any subject was given the drug under study or a placebo. The efficacy of the drug is measured by how much better those receiving the drugs do over those who receive placebos. If a...
Do you have any credible published studies or even mainstream reports on the efficacy of placebos? My information is that placebos are no more effective than no medical treatment at all.A quick search of the Placebo Effect indicates that it is the fact that some people "feel better" after having taken placebos. However, feeling better is not the same as doing better. We live in a time when feelings and beliefs trump objective documentary facts. Our mainstream media pander...
You certainly like to cry innocent to charges that no one made. Nowhere in any of my previous posts did I ever mention a plastic Watch.
If is presumptuous of you to tell me what I clearly believe when you don't even understand what I wrote. The most that you can infer from my earlier post is that I believe that the addition of the iPhone 5c increased costs over offering only a single line. This would be a fair inference and an accurate one. I will remind you of the old saying:A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple's top-of-the-line phone. However, the iPhone 5c is...
Terrible idea. Adding multiple variations to the internal offerings of the Watch will increase costs with no increased benefits to the customer.
I would say that the Thermovoltaic Effect is somewhat more serious than "no problem."
Who is stopping you?
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