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So the thieves in your neighborhood rely on Internet fansites to learn how to dispose of stolen goods? Count your blessings.
The Watch Edition is a valuable device and well worth any thief's time or risk of capture. It's gold content is not inconsequential. However, the gold content of an Watch Edition is no more worth $10,000 that the aluminum content of an Watch Sport is worth $350. You would probably get more for a stolen Edition on eBay or at a shady pawn shop than you would get for the gold content of its case.
Complete and utter nonsense. Hanging an iPhone from your rear view mirror is a completely different concept that focusing the image of a HUD over the hood of your car. As I said in my previous post, the HUD is designed to be viewed simultaneously with the road. That is to say that seeing the road and the HUD can be done simultaneously without having to refocus to view either. Your iPhone placed where it is requires you to refocus your vision to see it. Thus, road is...
You do realize that you example is complete nonsense? No, I guess you don't.Let me explain it to you. That iPhone is located about 1-2 feet from your eyes. The visible road is located 8 feet or more from your eyes. If you focus on the iPhone, then you cannot see the road. If you focus on the road, then you cannot see the iPhone.Step into a car with HUD--heads-up display. You will see that HUD focuses its image over your hood which allows you to simultaneously view the HUD...
The optional ability to place cellular phone calls is a feature of OnStar. However, OnStar works whether or not you can get a cellular signal.
That something is called your imagination.
Not quite.OnStar can can call when you can't.OnStar does not need access to cell towers.
OK. Contrary to the answer to the question on stackexchange.com, Apple does not provide a default installation of Java with OS X. The has been the cause since Apple gave up responsibility for providing Java for OS X and turned that responsibility over to Oracle. If a user needs Java on a computer on which it has not yet been installed, then OS X will prompt the user to download Java from Oracle. Only Java 1.7 and Java 1.8 are available from Oracle. However, some Java...
When I purchased me first iPad--a Gen1--I included a keyboard with the purchase. I never used it. It sounds like the growth in iPad keyboards reflects the increase in laptop users who switch to iPads rather than multi-Touch users who switch to keyboards.
Nonsense. Let me first go into the acquisition of gold. I have actually purchased gold. Gold purchases are governed by some rather interesting practices. When you order gold, you are charged for the price of gold at the close of business on the next business day. For explanation purposes, let us say that I needed 1 gram of a gold alloy wire. I was charged for the wire as though it were 1 gram of pure gold. I was not charged for pulling bullion into wire.My experience with...
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