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This is certainly not a general problem or this forum would be inundated with people complaining about it just like you. Which application are you using?
Apple has not added restrictions to your Save options. In Snow Leopard, File/Save... does exactly the same thing that the File/Save did in older versions of the OS.
Multiplan was developed originally for CP/M. It was easily portable to MS-DOS, the Macintosh, and other platforms because it was written in Microsoft's proprietary p-code. It was a competitor for VisiCalc. The only thing that Excel had in common with Multiplan was that they were both Microsoft applications.   Now, to my point... There have been other full-featured spreadsheets for the Macintosh. Unfortunately, Microsoft drove them out of business. If a developer were...
So what you are saying is that you want to install Office for Windows?
Yes. Windows is subject to 1000s of viruses and other malware. Windows running under Parallels is Windows. 
This is a truly remarkable thread. People want applications that have never not been on the Mac to the ported to the Mac. SPSS is among the many software titles that has been available on the Mac for decades.
  This is simply not true. Mac clones were not clones in the true sense of the word. This was before the New World ROM in software. Back then, the thing that made a Mac a Mac was the Toolbox ROM in firmware. Every Mac "clone" featured a genuine Toolbox ROM supplied by Apple. In this sense, Mac clones were really genuine Macs in different cases.
Thunderbolt is not tied to an individual computer model.
  It truly amazing to me the number of forum members who do not understand the concept of April Fools Day.
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