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There may be hundreds of ways to destroy an iPhone by water, but you named only one. You named several aspects of the one, but you named just one nevertheless. However, the one that you named will not kill the phone if you keep you head on your shoulders. I recently dropped my iPhone 5s in the toilet bowl. I pulled it out and dried it off using only toilet tissue. My phone works great.If your phone takes on more water while submerged than did mine, then you are still in...
You are not missing anything. The production costs of any model Watch is a tiny fraction of its sales price. Apple appears to have spared no expense in designing and engineering the finest wearable computer on the planet. I think that one of the reasons that it could do this is that the watch market permits such high margins that Apple is virtually certain to recoup its development costs in relatively short order.This is the other thing--for all of the caterwauling about...
Welcome to AppleInsider. It is too bad with all of the wonderful things that Apple does (and a few dumb things) that you chose a prediction that the Watch will not catch on as your first post. It has already caught on.The Watch has already caught on. The fact that it has sold out and for two months to come is evidence of its success. The fact that it moved you to join this forum is also strong evidence of the success of the Watch.I will give you this: Many newbies...
Anaerobic bacteria do not require oxygen. In fact, oxygen is toxic is many of them.
The laws of physics do not change with the orientation of the power cable. The charging disc magnetically attaches the back of the Watch. The relative orientation of the disc and the Watch back determine the magnetic flux that that links them. If they are attached and an AC current passes through the disc, then the Watch will be recharged. The orientation of the pair don't matter. Even if you twirled the pair over your head, the Watch would continue to charge so long it...
It will stay white until soap and water stop working.
The Watch is and has always been scheduled to go on sale April 24, 2015. Pre-orders also have been scheduled to be delivered April 24, 2015. Today is April 23, 2015. April 24, 2015 is tomorrow. Unless you are a time traveler who is somehow stuck in his/her own past, you have not been waiting at all.
Do you know the first thing about marketing?
You admit that you were wrong. Finally!
This is just plain wrong. In 1984, Apple was a well-established company and one of the oldest personal computer companies in existence. This established company was introducing the Macintosh, a new product. It is important to understand that the Macintosh was not even an entirely new venture for Apple. The Macintosh was a inexpensive follow-on to the Apple Lisa introduced in 1983. The Lisa was later folded into the Macintosh line as the Macintosh XL.
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