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Your link gives no information one way or the other about the life expectancy of the Watch battery.
I was discussing the functionality of FileMaker Pro, not my specific applications. I apologize for confusing you.
Wow! Talk about uninformed gibberish. Nothing in the iFixit tear-down gave any indication of the lifetime of the Watch battery or its cost of replacement.
Live in the past if you want. I am talking about the present--and the future.Read with understanding. I did not say that my firm uses Filemaker Pro instead of its Oracle-based integrated database. I said that it uses Filemaker Pro with our firm's Oracle-based integrated database. This is a growing trend. You may stand back and insist that it can't be done. Firms like mine are doing it and moving forward.
Um-m-m-m, no. Your analysis does not scan. As a rule, cross-platform applications do not cost any more than single-platform applications. The fact that you compared FileMaker Pro to Final Cut Pro X means that you have no clue what FMP does. This is not a program that is designed to maintain your list of contact lists and recipes. Database Management Systems (DBMSes) have limited ability to query databases. However, this ability only dusts off their functionality. They are...
The price tag is not high. FileMaker Pro is an enterprise-level DBMS.
You don't need to know history; you just need to know how to Google.Along that vein, AppleWorks for the Mac had absolutely nothing to do with AppleWorks for the Apple ][. AppleWorks for the Apple ][ was a introduced in 1984 and became a stalwart of that platform. In 1988, Apple introduced a second lane of AppleWorks, AppleWorks GS for its Apple IIgs, a GUI-based version of the Apple ][. AppleWorks GS had its own version numbers and was introduced at AppleWorks GS 1.0....
Your question is somewhat cryptic. It is not at all clear what you mean by "list." Why can you just click "Reply All" and then delete the original sender from the "To:" line?
If you check out the Greubel Forsey website, then you will see that this monstrosity is actually somewhat more elegant than most of its products. Carmelo Anthony's watch is part of the watchmaker's GMT collection. It appears that Greubel Forsey feels free to repurpose the well understood albeit obsolete abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time. In the Greubel Forsey collection, GMT simply means having a second time zone.At any rate, each watch in Greubel Forsey's collection is...
Oh, don't be silly. I know that's not possible so let me phrase this another way. I own a Canon DSLR. I find that I rarely use it. There is a saying in photography: "The best camera is the one that you have with you." Photographs taken with my iPhone are automatically uploaded to iCloud. This saves several steps required by my DSLR. With the Canon, I must connect the camera to my computer, launch Photos, and then import my photographs. This is a hassle that does not exist...
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