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When I purchased me first iPad--a Gen1--I included a keyboard with the purchase. I never used it. It sounds like the growth in iPad keyboards reflects the increase in laptop users who switch to iPads rather than multi-Touch users who switch to keyboards.
Nonsense. Let me first go into the acquisition of gold. I have actually purchased gold. Gold purchases are governed by some rather interesting practices. When you order gold, you are charged for the price of gold at the close of business on the next business day. For explanation purposes, let us say that I needed 1 gram of a gold alloy wire. I was charged for the wire as though it were 1 gram of pure gold. I was not charged for pulling bullion into wire.My experience with...
Your "prediction" is not a prediction; it is a statement of fact. There are those who believe that Watch 2.0 will be released before the year is out. They have not thought through the implications of the fact that the $17,000 Watch Edition has the same functionality of the $350 Watch Sport. At the price of three Mac Pros, the Edition is Apple's most expensive consumer product ever. The fantasy that people who can afford the Edition are profligate spenders...
Repeating the same childish comment with a word or two changed does not bespeak maturity. Neither does it diminish the utility of FileMaker Pro to my firm nor to firms in my business.
Oh, please. Only the willfully ignorant do not know that MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, who developed Romneycare, received nearly $400,000 in consultants fees to help President Obama develop Obamacare. According to Gruber, Romneycare and Obamacare are "basically...the same thing." The major difference between Romneycare and Obamacare is the source of funds used to ensure each program's financial viability. Your state-run Romneycare is subsidized using Federal...
Trying to change the subject does not make you any less wrong.
I will give you this much: When you misinterpret data, you go all in.
If you believe that up is down and that down is up, then more power to you.
Like you, I have not yet received my watch. However, I am acutely aware of the definition of the term calibrate. To calibrate is to scale the measurement by an instrument to match a known standard. The description of the errors in your girlfriend's Watch distance measurements sound like a critical flaw in the calibration procedure. Whether the calibration error was made by your girlfriend by not properly following procedure or by Apple in the calibration procedures that...
Having been proven absolutely wrong about your assertion that companies are abandoning FileMaker Pro when they are in fact increasing its adoption, you have resorted simultaneously to personal invective and to excuses.Typical.
New Posts  All Forums: