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You do understand that this was an April Fool's joke?
  Some of us are kind of slow on the up take. Are you going to run down to your nearest Apple Store to buy a new iPlay?
  Agreed. More a year ago, I made similar points. Most people seem to think that an Apple HDTV set is about content. Apple has to make deals with producers, but producers are reluctant to give Apple that kind of control, the reasoning goes. They can't seem to get their heads around the fact that most homes have access to more content than they can manage. The great problem to be solved is content management. This is where Apple has an enormous role to play.   As I see it,...
  A few points: Contrary to your statement, many on the Religious Right do in fact want to convert the United States of America from a representative democratic republic based on the Constitution of the United States into a theocracy based on their interpretation of the Holy Bible. We do not force our conscience on axe murders, rapists, tax cheats, and liars. We arrest, try, and incarcerate them. After they serve their sentences, then they are released from...
  OMG. Let us not play stupid. The Republican ideas sent forth by President Obama are legion. The most famous is Obamacare which is Romneycare. You are intelligent enough to post on this site. We can assume that you are intelligent enough to Google other Republican ideas that President Obama has adopted.
  Whatever problems Steve Jobs had with President Obama's attitude toward business did not amount to much. He told the President that the important political distinction today are not left vs. right but constructive vs. destructive. Jobs told the President Obama that he was a constructive leader. He offered to takeover and run the President's reelection campaign.   In the President, I believe that Steve Jobs had a strong personal identification. Both men were the sons of...
What blather. iPhone Mail is Apple Mail. The rest of this post can be read in the same context.
Do you have problems with sites that are less revolting?
This problem had nothing to do with lack of Mac support by Oracle. Java's vulnerability affects all platforms for which Java 7 browser plug-ins exist. I have not followed this latest vulnerability, however the U. S. Government issued a warning not to use Java following the discovery of the last vulnerability. I cannot recall the Government's ever before issuing such a warning. In view of this, Apple would have been derelict in its duty and possibly legally liable if it...
HEVC is still in development. After it is released, individual licensees will not pay separate license fees to individual rights holders. That is not how this is done. Any license fee will be paid to the licensing body that is designating to accept the fee. That body will then distribute agreed-upon percentages of each payment to each rights holder.
New Posts  All Forums: