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To cute by half. This exchange is about the pent-up demand for the iPhone prior to launch and the clamor for it upon launch. I gave you a link that shows a throng of customers ready to buy on launch day. Now you want to change the subject to what happened latter. The fact that the iPhone is rules the World today does not change the fact that it was pretty darned popular when it launched--complaints about the lack of 3G notwithstanding.
If you are too lazy to do your own Google search, then I am cool with that. You may start with this link. If you need others, then feel free to ask.
Oh please. To claim that there was no pent-up demand because you did not see it is just silly. There was very much pent-up demand and the things that accompany pent-up demand in the US on the day that the iPhone launched. Among the things that accompany pent-up demand were long queues, police guards and barricades, and refreshments supplied by the retailer.
I don't have a beef with the gist of your comment, but I do believe that you and others minimize the public anticipation of the iPhone back in 2007. The iPhone had been the subject of rumor and speculation for months. When Steve Jobs finally introduced it, the public "got it." During the six-month interregnum between the introduction of the iPhone and the day that it went on sale, it became the subject of a pop song. In the US, the iPhone was available primarily through...
This is only true if you don't pay for the iOS version of Office. Paying the license fee enables the editing functions.
You betray a complete and total lack ignorance of statistics in general and sampling in particular. In fact, your error is a very common mistake for people who don't understand the field.For the benefit of other members of this forum, the error in the survey is determined by its standard deviation and the size on the sample. The relative sizes of the sample and the response has little to do with anything.Because you don't understand statistics, you did not know that the...
Never taken a statistics course, I see.
How explicit did he have to be? You just misunderstood, that's all.
You misunderstood Mario's post. He said that you may use Xcode 6.3 to develop code for Mavericks. This is absolutely correct. He did not say you can install and run Xcode 6.3 under Mavericks.Xcode 6.3 requires Yosemite as its host. However, its targets include many older versions of OS X. To the best of my knowledge, Xcode and its predecessors have always worked this way. As a developer, you should understand that this is a win-win. Mavericks software developed on Xcode...
Why should he be? Despite the assertions of "some" that space gray watches look cheap, the overwhelming number of reports are that Watches look incredible in the metal.
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