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So your source is an Internet fan forum rather than personal experience or business experience? This means that this website is all wrong. I don't have the heart to tell them. Why don't you do it for me? Ple-e-ease?
OK. After reading the OP by AppleInsider's robot and the nonsensical comments that followed, I inspected my Photos Library for myself. I had inspected and even edited my iPhoto Library going back to the time it was just an ordinary folder within the Pictures folder. Unfortunately, too many children scattered their iPhoto Library contents hither and yon. Eventually, Apple set the bundle bit and converted the iPhoto Library into an impenetrable construction of Satan. As...
You joined this forum just to post this post this nonsense? What a sad life you must live.
That is one data point. If you had ever taken a science or engineering class, then you would know that you cannot infer a trend from a single data point.
Wow! That's thoughtful analysis. My firm is significantly larger than a $10 million enterprise. We don't run it on FileMaker Pro. However, FileMaker Pro plays a significant role in IT. As I have stated above, our primary database is Oracle-based.Firms like mine have increasingly integrating FMP in our workflow because we can develop new custom applications in FMP much faster than we can develop them in Oracle. Want to talk about reliability? These Oracle-based integrated...
Dream on.
Your link gives no information one way or the other about the life expectancy of the Watch battery.
I was discussing the functionality of FileMaker Pro, not my specific applications. I apologize for confusing you.
Wow! Talk about uninformed gibberish. Nothing in the iFixit tear-down gave any indication of the lifetime of the Watch battery or its cost of replacement.
Live in the past if you want. I am talking about the present--and the future.Read with understanding. I did not say that my firm uses Filemaker Pro instead of its Oracle-based integrated database. I said that it uses Filemaker Pro with our firm's Oracle-based integrated database. This is a growing trend. You may stand back and insist that it can't be done. Firms like mine are doing it and moving forward.
New Posts  All Forums: