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Um-m-m-m, no. You cannot give the same credit to the copy that is given to the original. Android is a crib of iOS. Windows was a floundering failure until Microsoft gained access to Apple code for the Macintosh.
 It is amazing that there are people who seem not to know this. If you have Thunderbird setup on your system, then install Postbox. It will transparently inherit your Thunderbird settings. It was astonishing to read the post above that claimed that Postbox is like an enhanced version of Mail. More power to those for whom Postbox is worth the fee. However, I have never seen the value that Postbox adds to Thunderbird.
Keeping one's anger to one's self is generally good advice. However, your are absolutely wrong about the specifics in this case. Go back and reread DJCuzz's post. His wife now hates Macs because she could not find a calendar template after he convinced her to switch from PC to a Mac. She did her calendar on a PC because she could not find what she was looking for on the Mac.
If it hurts to drive a nail into your skull, then maybe your should not drive a nail into your skull. Look. Bad fonts cause more problems than any other category of software. Decker Bold is appears to be as about as generic a sans serif font that I have seen. You probably have a font already installed on your system that has the same basic look. It might be different if Decker Bold has some unique feature that is unavailable elsewhere. This may be only a coincidence, but...
Still doesn't make them citrus.
What a painful thread to read! Some of us need to take a chill pill and then take a really good look at the computer software market. First, understand that Apple provides you with the best OS on the market and the best hardware on the market to run it on. So Apple does not provide the office productivity software that you want? Boo-hoo. If there were a market for software that you want, then other developers would satisfy it. There is nothing to stop them but the lack of...
You are, of course, absolutely correct. There is neither a business nor an artistic reason for Apple to get into content production. Apple does content delivery through the iTunes Music Store. However, there is no need for Apple to get much more involved in delivery. This is not where the action is. The action now is in content management and integration. Provide the user seamless access to everything irrespective of source. Other players are establishing digital video...
From an aesthetics point of view, I much prefer the old look and feel of iOS. Having said that, WTF is design porn? And as for usability, which calls can you not make, features can you not use, games can you not play, apps can you not run?
Three steps:Get the free upgrade to OS X Mavericks.Get the free upgrade to the latest version of Xcode 5.There is no Step 3.
New Posts  All Forums: