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Your bookmarks are contained in a single HTML file called bookmarks.html. You may find in in {your account}/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default/. You may use Safari's File>Import Bookmarks... menu selection to import this file.
If you were a Mac user 20 years ago, then you know that there were Mac viruses back then. If memory serves, there were 26 Mac-specific viruses. The other malware that affected Mac pre-MacOS X were cross-platform Microsoft Office macroviruses written largely using Visual BASIC for Applications. These were follow-ons to the first cross-platform virus, a Word 6 macrovirus. The advent of VBA enabled "script kiddies." Do you see a pattern? Microsoft provided virus-enabling...
You are confusing administrative privileges with root privileges. Macs ship with the root account disabled by default. There is no reason for a Mac user to ever enable the root account. All global software can be installed using an administrative account. Anything that requires root can be done by an administrator using the sudo command. No MacOS X GUI application or utility requires root. Make sense now?
No spyware. I have no idea what you mean by "nasties."
Boo-hoo. Convenience pricing does not discriminate between those who need the convenience and those who don't.
It never ceases to amaze me that some people can get so exercised over prices that they are not required to pay. Apple offers memory as a convenience to its customers. Convenience pricing is expensive. Complaining about Apple RAM pricing makes about as much sense as complaining about the grocery prices in the 7-Eleven that is across the street from a Safeway supermarket.
Your headline is a total misrepresentation of the Tricia Duryee's mocoNEWS.net article reposted on washingtonpost.com. The second paragraph of her article reads as follows:You have taken her speculation in the remainder of the article as an opportunity to spread FUD. The Washington Post's website requires free registration. Alicia Duryee's article is just a mouse-click away on the mocoNEWS.net website where it was first posted. You can find her article here.
I'm not feeling you. What is your point? Let us be clear. The only reason to run antivirus software on your Mac is to disinfect files that you receive from your Windows-using family, friends, and colleagues. It prevents you from acting as a carrier of Windows viruses. Antivirus software cannot protect you from MacOS X viruses because there aren't any. It's not for lack of trying.
Macs use standard RAM. It does not magically become more expensive because you buy it for a Mac.
I agree 110% with everything that you said. AOL as a dial-up ISP is convenient in that you can take it with you wherever you go. I don't know if it still does it, but TimeWarner's Time-Warner cable modem-based broadband service gave users the option of using AOL as their ISP.
New Posts  All Forums: