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None of the things that Marvin listed can be described as broken. There are probably quite a few iPhone owners who want this behavior. There is certainly no guarantee that removing it would satisfy you.
There are a lot of intermediaries between your keyboard and the edit dialog displays of fan forums like this one. It makes no sense to place the "blame" for perceived "slowness" on the iPhone to the exclusion of other factors.
The software that you want is called iDVD and it was preinstalled on your Mac. MPEG4 is native to QuickTime and the Mac. AVI is a container, most of which are DivX-encoded. WMA is the audio track of Windows media. Generally, you will be fine with the Flip4Mac (for WMV) and Perian (for darned near everything else) QuickTime codecs installed. Many Mac users swear by Toast, a commercial DVD authoring application. It includes the codecs that iDVD users must acquire on their own.
That would be all good and fine if the OP were asking about performing a specific task or groups of tasks. That is something that even veteran Mac users like me can understand. The OP wants to make the Mac behave in a general way like Windows. In a real sense, the transition that he is trying to make is to transition his Mac into a Windows-like GUI. The OP is in a new land. He should learn new ways.
Why do you expect your iPhone to maintain contact with your email server while it is asleep? AFAIK, MobileMe maintains contact with your iPhone, but other ISPs do not. Other ISPs send mail to your iPhone only while your iPhone is awake.
A word to the wise: MacOS X is not a version of Windows. You would make much better use of your time if you devoted it to learning your new OS than trying to turn it into your old OS.
Entourage 2004/2008 sync just fine through MobileMe. That said, I much prefer the Apple triumvirate of Mail/iCal/Address Book over Microsoft's monolithic Entourage 2008.
Welcome to two days ago.
As opposed to all of those Mac viruses caused by software acquired by Web download and commercial CD/DVD distribution?
I know for a fact that it is not the case. I have an old PowerBook G3 Pismo (500 MHz) with 384 MB RAM. It runs MacOS X 10.4 just fine.
New Posts  All Forums: