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There are both commercial and freeware NTFS drivers available for MacOS X.
Without aluminum foil on your head, hiding under the bed does no good at all.
Corrupt fonts are a major source of OS instability. The most likely cause of a corrupt font is user installation. This is to say fonts don't just go bad. If you have a corrupt font, then it was probably corrupt when you installed it. You should remove your bad fonts. You a silent on where your bad fonts are located. You should not touch fonts located in the System folder. Those belong to the OS. If they are tampered with, then really bad things will happen.
No but's. Java is an integral part of MacOS X. Software Update has your system up-to-date with the latest compatible version of Java.
Do you also categorize as unverifiable, anecdotal evidence the fact that Microsoft reversed itself several times on its plans to stop offering XP? Assuming that this can be verified, is it your honest belief that Microsoft did so for reasons other than customer demand?
Absolutely not. Windows malware is Windows malware. It cannot infect a Mac. It cannot affect a Mac. If you were to copy Windows malware to a Mac, the Mac would see it as data rather than executable code.
You seem not to understand how business works. The reason that my local PC stores and thousands of others across this country advertise the availability of XP is precisely because their customers and potential customers are demanding it. The majority of PC users will accept whatever ships with their computer. However, those who have work to do demand the most reliable system available. For them, that means XP.Again, you are mistaken. Rhapsody was a developmental OS. It was...
You do understand that you are asking a programming question in an OS section of this forum? The next thing that you need to understand that one the answer to your question requires knowledge the structure of your database. Without access to your Visual BASIC program, the database, or both, anything said is just a wild @$$ guess. You might be better served by installing the VB app on a Windows machine and using that to extract your media elements from the database. If...
Are you serious?
And yet, that was its primary mission.
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