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You had a good question, but then you gave a really bad answer to it. Browsers do in fact generate revenue. Internet Explorer generates revenue. Firefox generates revenue. This is the reason that Steve Jobs gave to porting Safari to Windows. He didn't want to "leave money on the table."
The only way that you can delete your sound files is to be running as root or to use the sudo command. Have you done either of these things? If not, then I would suggest that you open Mail/Preferences... menu selection.Click the General pane.Choose your favorite sound clip a the New mail sound: popup menu.If you like, check Play sounds for other mail actions.
You are the only one who seems to be shouting. I am old enough to remember the Church Committee hearings of the 1970s. I am informed enough to read today's newspapers. By shouting, I suppose that you can drown out the news that the CIA lied to Congress. This news vindicated House Speaker Pelosi and discredited her critics. This is a Mac fan site, not a political site. So, I think it prudent to say no more about this. I will close with these lines from Hamlet by William...
Whether you believe the man is of no consequence. He told you the truth. It is your choice whether to accept it or not.
Not true. The Desktop is a special directory (or folder) that controls the display background. It is located at the root level of your Home directory. The Finder is a file browser. It is not a directory, it is an application. Each Finder window is a view of one of your directories (or folders). The Desktop may be opened in a Finder window just like any other folder.
You have been on this forum since 2002. Over the intervening seven years, there have been exactly two towers for which there was substantial scuttlebutt. One was the Mirror Double-Doors Power Mac G4. That was because some guy got enough time alone with it to photograph it and to draw a diagram of the case. The second computer to achieve substantial scuttlebutt was the Power Mac G5. A sketch of the case leaked out shortly before the computer hit the light. This sketch was...
You do point out an interesting conundrum. It is extremely difficult escape surveillance. The Government can find pretty much whomever and whatever it wants to find. Private industry is not far behind, if at all.
It is well-known that the NSA listens to every single telephone call made in the USA and has done so since its inception. Not to put too fine a point on it, this was long before either Barack Obama or George W. Bush held any elective office. If you don't want Big Brother to intercept your communications, then sit with the people that you want to communicate with around a bucket of water and silently exchange notes written on water soluble paper. After everyone has read...
Yes. You may access your MobileMe.com (either @mac.com or @me.com) messages directly or you may forward your messages to another account. You may also use MobileMe to check your messages on other POP accounts.
Your computer problems cannot be diagnosed over the Internet. You paid for your warranty. If your computer is still under warranty, then use it.
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