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It is not nice to double-post.
Millions of users including this one send and receive email via Entourage 2008 everyday. You have not given a hint about what your problem can possibly be. This is a forum of Mac fans, not psychics. Give some relevant information about your email account, network, servers, etc. Do you have success using other email clients from the same location. Help us help you.
Chill. Rarely do new versions of Apple operating systems break compliant veteran applications. Snow Leopard is supposed to be something of an optimization of Leopard. This means that it is even more likely that Leopard-compatible apps will have no problems with Snow Leopard. There exists a fan-based website that tests and publishes apps for Snow Leopard-compatibility. MS Office 2008, the most recent versions of Adobe CS and many others make the cut. Chill.
This Gizmodo webpage should end all speculation about that mystery tablet's being an Apple product. The same picture appears on CrunchGear. Apparently, all of the OP's pictures first appeared on Pocketables.net, either here or there.
Well, you ought to know. Apple uses white cables exclusively. What is that black cable with the ugly ridged connector? Look at the Wi-Fi icon in the upper righthand corner. Does that look like the Wi-Fi icon on any Apple device you have ever seen? My conjecture is that an Apple tablet would work in both landscape and portrait mode. This device is displayed only in landscape mode. The laptop that it is resting on is not an Apple laptop. However, it cribs some Apple design...
There are many models of the PowerMac G4. There were also many versions of MacOS X. You cannot install a version of the OS that is older than the one that shipped with the computer. Neither can you use a System Restore disc to install the OS on a different model Mac. Nothing in your post gives a hint as to the compatibility of your OS and computer.
This nitwit posted a link to an insurance company.
It would be just a little easier to believe you if I didn't have it installed on my MacBook Pro.
Uh-h-h-h, yes, there is.
I use Force Quit as well, but as I said some tasks won't die. That's when I use the command line to do them in. The Activity Monitor is a utility that I never use. However, the fact that you use it to kill those pesky immortal tasks is an example of a very nice MacOS X feature. There is often more than one way to get things done. It is also an example of the fact that you do not need to know everything about the OS to be productive.
New Posts  All Forums: