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Copy & Paste.
You clearly know the answer to your question already. Otherwise, you won't not have asked it in this way. This disc is called System Restore because that it is designed and intended to restore a specific model Mac to its as-shipped state. Buy a retail version of Leopard if you want to install the OS on a computer that shipped with an older OS.
No. The ">" character has nothing to do with the mental agility of the sender. It is a standard character in plain text email to denote the generation of copied messages. Each ">" denotes one generation per line. If you don't like them, then there are workarounds to avoid the ">" characters.
Nonsense. Macs are used by the U. S. Army as webservers. NeXT, now a part of Apple, was the primary desktop computer for the National Security Agency. It is my understanding that MacOS X has supplanted NeXTstep in that role. Swimming in the largest school doesn't make you a big fish. It makes you the food for the biggest fish. Of that 80 million:How many sitting on the desks of wage slaves?How many are sitting on tables in school computer labs?How many are being used in...
Two things. First, this is really the third season of a ungoing series about the annual Black Hat Conference and its break-in contest. Second, just because someone says something doesn't make it true. However, in this case, it is true. Much of that code lies in a part of MacOS X known as Darwin, a certified port of UNIX. You may have heard of it. UNIX is extremely secure. The comment the number of lines of code is meant to frighten children and old ladies. The design of...
Which version of Adobe Reader are you using?
OpenOffice.org is free. It actually has more features than Office 2008. There is no reason not to install it on your MacOS X 10.5 computer. iWork is aimed at a different audience. iWork provides decent Office file-compatibility, but it supports a much smaller feature set. IMHO, however, it is foolish to depend on non-Microsoft applications for Microsoft-compatibility if Microsoft-compatibility is a mission-critical feature.
This is not a question that can be answered by a poll. The answer depends on your particular needs. Only you know your particular needs. Do you need to share files with Office-using professors or colleagues? If you do then, go with Office 2008. Its default formats are Microsoft's new XML-based (Office 2007) formats. It also provides excellent [but not perfect] support for Microsoft's older formats. If Office-compatibility is not an issue, then your choices are less...
There are two things that you don't talk about if you want to maintain peace, religion and politics. This site is remarkably free of partisan politics. I will thank you to help keep it that way.
All you have done is to say that Apple coulda made a CMDA phone. The fact is that it did not. The iPhone is now in its third year as a GSM-exclusive phone with CDMA headed for the scrap heap of technology. Nobody said that manufacturing a CDMA iPhone was hard. Owing to the economies of scale, CDMA iPhones would cost more and earn less profit per unit.
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