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One of these things is not like the others. Filemaker scales up to an enterprise-level database management system. The platform is used to develop standalone double-clickable apps. Bento is a personal database manager. Numbers is a spreadsheet. It is not a database manager. Presumably, you have some task that you want to accomplish using one of the apps that you are considering. You have, however, not given a clue what that task may be. If you would tell us what you are...
You have given absolutely no information about your system. You cannot install Classic on an Intel-based Mac. If your computer is Intel-based, then you are SOL. If your computer is PPC-based, then the easiest way to install Classic is to insert your System Restore disc and install it from there. You will have to install MacOS 9 drivers on your hard drive. With MacOS 9 drivers installed on your PPC-based Mac, you can install MacOS 9 by drag & drop from another MacOS 9...
That is what the router does. It multiplies the number of connections from the one provided by your modem to the number provided by the router's LAN ports plus Wi-Fi addresses.Connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to the WAN port of your router.Most routers with LAN ports have four LAN ports. Run an Ethernet patch cable from the Ethernet port of each device you want to have a hard connection to a LAN port on the router.
This may be because that is not what I said. The .doc extension is just that—an extension. It is the extension used for documents created by Word 97 through Word 2008. It is also the extension used by Word 95 back to the earliest version of Word. The thing is that they are not the same format. Word 2004 can open all previous versions of Word .doc files. Word 2008 cannot. It can open .doc files created using Word 97 through Word 2004. However, it cannot open .doc files...
Tool bar? What tool bar?
Wow! That is an interesting interpretation of my previous posts. I thought that I was making exactly the opposite point. When I said that there is no material benefit to finding apps that can write to .docx format, it is because Office 2007, Office 2008, and any other app that can read .docx can also read .doc. It is true that Microsoft no longer supports certain ancient versions of the .doc format. However, no major app released since 1997 writes natively to the old...
Certainly, NeoOffice can do it. But as I said before, there is no material benefit. There is no application that reads in .docx format exclusively.
The answer to your question may be of academic interest, but it has no practical benefit. Office 2007 can handle .doc and .xls files.
ISO is a hardware format, not a content format. Disk Utility will burn ISO files to CD/DVD whatever the format of the content.
It allows your Mac to write to NTFS-formatted volumes. The utility, however, competes with a freeware product, NTFS-3G. It may be free this weekend. However, I don't expect a price increase anytime soon—if the product survives.
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