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Unless you give some actual information about your older program, there is no way to tell if it will run on your MacBook or not.
Supposedly, PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 is the only RMVB converter for the Mac.
You are absolutely correct. Since the introduction of the iPhone, Apple has referred to its OS as "OS X." Apple is branching-out into the production of a plethora of smart devices all controlled by this same basic OS. It makes sense to copyright OS X without the Mac. Without copyright protection, Apple runs the risk of losing the rights to the name. The situation with OS X and OS-9 are completely different. First off, Apple never sold an OS named OS-9. It developed and...
That's all good and fine. However, Installing the OS is a task that you you need to do only once every 18 months or so per computer. Even if the installation time were reduced to zero, the incremental increase in our productivity would be vanishingly small.
My bad. You are correct. iWork 09 is a paid option with new Macs or a paid retail purchase for older ones.
You do not need to purchase iWork 09. iWork 08 will continue to work just fine. However, you must purchase the new version if you want it. There is an exception for people who recently purchased new Macs. It is my understanding that they get a discount on iWork 09.
No fiber optic port? There is no way that it will sell. I am suspicious of the fact that the optical disc drives are not shown. I will not compromise on my demand for the Blu-ray SuperDrive.
Sunday, I placed the order for a new 2.93 GHz 17" MBP. By the time the computer that you buy next May gets in, I will have conducted so much more work than you that you will never catch up.
You clearly misunderstood Aric Annear's post. The 15 minutes referred to was not the time to install Windows 7 beta. It was the time between that Annear entered the last requested data until he was dropped into a working desktop.
There is an old saying in politics that also applies to the marketplace:You can't beat somebody with nobody. What this means to this discussion, that Apple has a wonderful opportunity to grow because of clear vision, sound business decisions, and good products. The notion that Microsoft suddenly started making mistakes is nonsense. Microsoft has made mistakes throughout its history. Ever hear of Microsoft Bob or Windows Me? Apple cannot predicate its own success on...
New Posts  All Forums: