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OmniPlan can read Microsoft Project XML files.
Actually, MacOS 9.0 was originally intended to be MacOS 8.7, not MacOS 8.6. To the contrary, MacOS 8.6 was released on May 10, 1999 as a free update to MacOS 8.5. The statement, however, misses the mission of MacOS 9. MacOS 9 was not, and was never intended to be, a new and different OS than MacOS 8.x. MacOS 9 was the transition between MacOS 8.x and MacOS X 10.0.
Thanks for the link. It is illuminating. It reinforces my thinking on SSDs. They are faster than HDDs, but they not fast enough to justify their extra cost. Neither are they fast enough to overcome concerns about their limited read/rewrite cycles. Verdict: SSDs are getting there, but they aren't there yet.
You are absolutely correct. Apple doesn't write its quarterly reports in Text Edit and it does not maintain its corporate contact list in Address Book. Address Book is a fantastic free personal contact manager. You need a professional contact manager but you will have to pay for it.
The verdict has been in on your scenario for years. The vast majority of people buy what they want at the time of purchase. There are users who need or want to upgrade their machines. Even on the Wintel platform, they are a minority--a vocal minority--but a minority, nevertheless.vandil and bbwi are absolutely correct. Your scheme would have Apple installing hardware that would never be purchased. vandil makes an even better point in that this is not the Apple way. The...
The degree of limitation is determined by the percentage of the installed base that is supported, not by the size of the WIM file.
OMFG.If you want to downgrade to an older OS [that is newer than the one that shipped with your computer], then the least painful way is to do an Archive & Install.You can't install the OS on the System Restore disc from one computer onto another computer.You can't install an OS on a Mac that is older than the one that shipped with it.What on Earth possessed you to try to downgrade your OS?
I guess you missed the news that day, but this issue has been litigated and Microsoft ended up paying out $24 million to Linspire. Windows is a generic term for displaying information from multiple computer programs on a single computer screen. It was in use years before Microsoft attached its name to it. The bottomline is that Microsoft tried to enforce a bogus trademark on Windows and lost. I'm rooting for it to try to enforce a trademark on Microsoft Keyboard™.
So you are using Comcast's webmail client rather than using a standalone email program like Mail, Entourage, or Thunderbird? You obviously have your reasons, but I highly recommend that you reconsider. In the best of circumstances, webmail can be slow and clumsy. Mail, I love. Most other standalone email clients work nicely.As for the difference between the webmail in Safari and Internet Explorer, my guess is that Comcast uses an IE-specific applet for that browser.
Unless you give some actual information about your older program, there is no way to tell if it will run on your MacBook or not.
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