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34 widescreen would be nice.
I still think there's a market for a 4" iPhone, despite being told by the experts here that there is no way Apple would spend the R/D on such a product. I still think Apple is looking at Apple Pay as a cash cow in the long run and will do everything they can to make sure it's in as many hands as possible, even if that means a cheaper product that cannibalizes sales of their more expensive phones.
Happily running XP at my office ... In a Parallels VM on my Mac Mini ;-)
I'm not hip enough to enjoy what's on Beats1.  I find the DJ's irritating too.   However, if they can fix all the library issues on Apple Music I'm all in.  But I am very happy with spotify at the moment.
Excellent work.
Oh god - this is going to descend into the "can we hear the difference" conversation :-D  There is no definitive study that ends the debate.  I go with the Boston Audio Society's papers on the subject but that's me.  If you can hear the difference, that's great for you, whether real or imagined.  There are a lot of audiophiles that believe they can hear the difference between cable (I cannot), amplification (I cannot unless there is something specifically wrong with the...
I am sure the metadata is different to some extant to what Apple has in their DB.  However, the artist and album name are identical.  And the disc was burned from CD via iTunes a number of years ago.  It was able to correctly identify the album and track names using CDDB back in the day.  Now it seems to be confused. There are also a couple albums that are now split into two albums in my library.  There are instances when I sort by artist, only to find there are 2 artists...
For classical it's simply awesome.  An opera costs $40 on CD.  You have to pick one performance, and there are many that are good.  Which do you like the most?  You'll drop hundreds of dollars in the old world finding what you like.  Now, you have access to all of them.  
Apple Music is a great idea, but unfortunately count me in to the group of ppl who have had their carefully crafted music libraries completely messed up by the new service.   This is really not something that in my opinion can be dismissed as something minor.  It's breaking my music collection, gathered over 30 years and painstakingly curated over dozens of hours.  It's now a complete mess.   Also - the service itself doesn't work properly.  Exit Stage Left by Rush (a...
New Posts  All Forums: