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Just wanted to chime in to say that I really loved the title of this article.
334,696. Huge hit by any standard.
I don't believe Congress will automatically get involved.  They did that already when they enacted the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, which specifically carved out an exception for works created before February 15, 1972, and governed under either common law or state law.  I read the language of the Turtles order granting summary judgment in their favor, and the Court's logic does indeed appear sound.     What's the remedy?  Dunno, but back payments would doubtlessly be...
I can only speak anecdotally, as my wife is a teacher of 20 years in NYC and Phoenix.  The school she just began working at has a fledgling chromebook program, and they seem to be popular with the teachers for a number of reasons.  A keyboard is certainly one of the reasons, and the fact that they do certain limited things rather well for a good price.  DED gives the impression that a chromebook costs $300 in his article, but the reality is you can get them for well under...
These articles are getting to be a bit redundant.  I don't see the point in the article, and have noticed that a good share of the "editorials" DED does begin with some semblance of a point, then dovetail into a rehashing of Samsung's inferior copycat products, a liberal dose of snazzy photos, graphs and charts, and ultimately end up being yet another "Apple is Eating Samsung's Lunch" report.   I don't think I've bothered finishing one of these editorials in about 6...
I have a feeling that more than a few people are unable to do an update because they are trying to do it OTA and don't have the 5.8GB free. And it's been slightly buggy on my 5s, and rebooted itself 3x on my iPad 3.  The iPad is also now slowing down.  100% certain this is Apple's way of getting ppl like me to upgrade otherwise good hardware.
Anyone know of Beats integration in the iTunes desktop application? The web interface doesn't cut it as it doesn't have native airplay integration, forcing me to output all sound from my mac to a airplay device as opposed to just the application's. I don't want to have to mess with AirFoil...
I don't know anyone in my industry who is not using Word exclusively, except for a lot of older attorneys who will never give up wordperfect.   This sound like complete bs to me.
Considering I've only seen perhaps 3 android devices in the wild, I find all of those numbers to be suspicious. Kindle notwithstanding.
So perhaps, if they could improve the trackpad on the keyboard, they'd have more of a winner? I agree with your issue - when you're on the keyboard, you generally want to stay on the keyboard, and not bring your hand up to the screen. Kinda what the late, great Mr. Jobs said himself when discussing touch screens on MacBooks.
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