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I don't know anyone in my industry who is not using Word exclusively, except for a lot of older attorneys who will never give up wordperfect.   This sound like complete bs to me.
Considering I've only seen perhaps 3 android devices in the wild, I find all of those numbers to be suspicious. Kindle notwithstanding.
So perhaps, if they could improve the trackpad on the keyboard, they'd have more of a winner? I agree with your issue - when you're on the keyboard, you generally want to stay on the keyboard, and not bring your hand up to the screen. Kinda what the late, great Mr. Jobs said himself when discussing touch screens on MacBooks.
Meh. I think the "vertical" strategy of Apple has had little to do with their success. Their products over the past 15 years, particularly the ipod, the iPhone, the iPad, and OSX, were simply so much better than the competition. iPod - great interface with revolutionary scroll wheel was miles ahead of the clunky buttons that companies like Diamond Rio and Creative brought to market. iPhone - capacitive touch screen and snappy performance coupled with an ingenious...
I have to say that a lot of the color choices are a bit too reminiscent of Windows XP. And that's a bad thing.
You are absolutely correct.  Until yesterday, though, the iMac made an excellent office pc despite it's consumer lineage.  And that's a bit of a problem for me.  I don't need to upgrade graphics cards and cpu's at my office, but hard drives and ram are definitely things that become "too small" or obsolete (or break) with time.  What in the Apple lineup fits that bill now other than a Mac Pro?  And a Mac Pro is way too much computer for my needs at work.   Maybe Apple...
I noticed.  Ergonomics are weird, although I've accidentally put sd cards in the dvd slot when I wasn't looking ;-D   I think the new imac is very attractive, but frankly a step backward in every other way (except performance).   This computer, as one Macrumors user posited, seems geared to a purely consumer/home user demographic, perhaps to segment itself from any future Mac Pro models that come out.    Well, i have a few imacs at my law office, and these...
I want them to consider fixing my iMac that stutters when playing music and movies. While they're doing that, perhaps they can help these poor souls with the same problem?? https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4149309?start=0&tstart=0 Hundreds of posts, 25,000 views. I'm 60% sure it's not just me ;-D
It's been working well for me in Phoenix, AZ, but that's a major US metropolitan area.  I can see it's quality degrading quicking after you leave big urban areas.   I  noticed the traffic updates weren't working as of rush hour yesterday.
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