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My children go to a school with a combination of chromebooks, macs (for the teachers and workstations in the classrooms), and some iPads.   My son has a 13" chromebook (acer) and it is a fantastic machine at $200.  The part I like most about it is it's glaring weakness for the majority of its' detractors - it's inability to run anything that's not on the net.  This means no games, no distractions (other than the web-based games out there).  It is also very easy to...
I wonder how much Jony Ive charged to do that voiceover for Samsung.
HIs analysis seems a bit weird.  I agree 5c will go EOL, but I see a moderately updated 5s to include NFC for ApplePay to be almost guaranteed.  Wouldn't be surprised if we see it at WWDC.  It's an easy addition to an existing design, they want everyone to use ApplePay, and there's still apparently a market for a 4" phone.  Based on all of those factors I'd imagine they want to take non-ApplePay phones out of circulation as soon as possible.
I generally favored beats way of doing things over spotify, and thought it was great for music discovery. However, the interface and reliability of spotify has won me over until they sort out the app's reliability and make some kind of desktop app that works well with airfoil or airplay. sending the sound from the browser is not how it should be done.
That's really not true. All chess apps have an opening book but beyond move 20 or so (sometimes as early as move 6!) the engine is thinking about the move. No database. There are endgame tablebases, but they only come into play when there are six or seven pieces left. The vast majority of commercial chess apps (and all iOS apps) do not have access to these tablebases unless you subscribe to them. They are quite large. 5 piece is gigabytes, 6 piece is terabytes.
Actually that's a free app . Stockfish. One of the best chess engines out there. It is very powerful, and I use it to analyze games as well (just not while I'm playing).People have been cheating at chess for as long as there's been chess. Computers are too common as well sadly enough.It's a shame that so many now dismiss chess professionals as useless because a chess program is stronger than they are. It is still a remarkable talent, and there is some incredible beauty in...
Differences are marginal between these processors.  5-10% perhaps?  If I was sweating over these figures, I'd probably consider a different macbook
+1.  It's an OS X device.  I find a lot of people think their usage model of a mac is the same as others; it is not.  I have an iMac for heavy lifting. I have a 2008 macbook for work on the go (as an attorney).  Like most lawyers and MBA's I know, I rarely use any ports when on-the-go.  There are times when I need to import files, project a video to a TV, or connect a peripheral, but they are less than 1% of the time I use my notebook.  And for video output I still needed...
I tried the new trackpad and it is pretty amazing. And the similarity to after touch is a good point. Was definitely reminiscent of my old Wavestation. I was skeptical but it's a real improvement over the old trackpad
Ah I can't wait. Can you smell it's arrival? Not the Surface 3, of course, but the inevitable DED article telling us about how much it sucks. 2 paragraphs devoted to the surface, the rest dovetailing into some other topic about market share. There will be mention of Google somehow. Graphs and charts will be in no short supply ;-D
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