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No Volkswagen GroupĀ in the list. That's a huge omission in my opinion. It's a pity Audi partnered with Google on Android based car infotainment.
Because you changed your initial post in which you said in the last sentence:into Doesn't make your initial post correct. [edit] Can someone lock this thread? It has nothing to do with future hardware, or in this case, future software, anymore.
It's simple, to push iPhone sales Apple will sell the 8GB with a lower price tag not a 4GB, 16GB for 8GB price and a new 32GB iPhone 3G for 16GB price starting in February 2009. Next generation iPhone in June/July 2009 with 16GB and 32GB
you forgot a Firewire 800 port. The latest port visible is probably the Ethernet port or another Firewire 800 port. (it looks slightly wider than the Firewire 800 port on the left (enough space for a Video out port a MagSafe power port and your Mini-DVI port is to small for a Mini-DVI port. It's even to small for the micro-DVI port like the MB air has, which is about the same size as an USB port. Maybe It's a Kensington cable lock slot. Indeed a super drive on the right...
Sure... It works perfect with every computer in my house... oh wait. Dublin is closer.
Well... no iPhone for this boy and his girl. I hate locked phones and I don't like T-Mobile. When Apple starts selling unlocked phones I am the first to buy (2). Although that might set me back about 400 euro each, it's a reasonable price. I'll wait and see what the next gen iPod touch will bring us in september, maybe that's a better option for me. The reason why the Netherlands gets the best plan is because we simple won't buy it if our neighbours can get it for less.
It's criminal behavior... Next time they get bored, they rape a 13 year old girl just to explore their potential and have some fun! Or come after you with a baseball bat to explore the thickness of your skull, take your MacBook from your cold hands, remove your account and put a new password on it... just for fun! It isn't fun, it is vandalism. It isn't exploring, it is boredom dump kids... bah
Damn, that's less then 12km south of me. KPN, Vodafone or T-Mobile, hurry up.I understand what he says about Microsoft. But he is talking crap about Mac OSX. My 400mhz G3 Pismo went through 4 OSX upgrades before it died on me (stroke). Every incarnation of OSX, from 10.1 to 10.4, the machine responded faster, until a point, after I upgraded it to Tiger, it felt almost as fast as OS9. Both my current 2.33ghz 15" MBP and 2.8ghz iMac feel faster under 10.5 than 10.4. I know...
There is no larger 1.8" single platter disk than the 80 GB, it's 5mm high. Larger, dual platter discs like in the iPod classic 160GB are 8mm high and won't fit in the air's enclosure.
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