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What a nonsense. Apple is not a company which dumps prices to sell old inventory. If the 3G iPhone will be released the current iPhone will not drop in price, it simple will be discontinued. The new model might decrease in price, not the current model.
I am curious why it runs Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger instead of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard? Anyway the camera is very good visible in the black border above the screen. Just like it is with the iMac.
Me. Until now, my 24" 2.8GHz 500GB 4GB ram is running flawless. Since yesterday i installed Leopard. But I have to admit I didn't really push it to its limits, yet. Did some Photoshopping, DTP, etc.
It actually is a MacBook greenpeace edition I think it needs an exorbitant amount of ecotax, though.
Me neither... But the argument for using aluminum in the iMac was that it's better recyclable (okay, and its cool looks). I agree it is easier to recycle than other metals. So you may argue my first remark.But recycling isn't everything. Before you can recycle you have to produce first.The production of aluminum emissions a lot of perfluorcarbons (PFCs), a greenhouse gas.So that's why I said that the current generation iMac is less environment friendly to produce than the...
Nope.3 friends have MacBooks at up to 1.25 years old, 2 of them are well known for their nasty attitude against their Mac hardware. None of them have this issue.Black Karma?
You are a masochist and you know it. Go out and buy a MacBook now and sell it when your dream machine is introduced or when it gets long in the tooth. Never wait for the next best thing if you have those hysterical high expectations.
Aluminum is recyclable at a very high cost of energy. I think the new iMac is less environment friendly to produce than the generation before. So from an ecological kind of few propagating aluminum over plastic is mute. Also the aluminum of the MacBook Pro is less durable than the plastic of the MacBook. I've seen G4 powerbooks with totally eroded palm rests because of the toxic sweaty hands of it's owner. Yes, I've seen the discolored palm rests on the MacBook...
Wrong answer, I have the 24". You get the measurements anyway: from table to bottom case: 69mm from table to glass panel: 152mm from table to screen: 174mm from bottom to top screen: 325mm from bottom to top glass panel:366mm from top screen to top case: 25,5mm
"Rushup I Bank 12" by The Tuss from the CD album Rushup Edge, Rephlex 2007.
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