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You are ahead of the fanfare. History shows, and this is no exception, that Apple will wait until the (iPhone) market will be ready for a simple iPhone nano. Simple stated: never. People who don't want to spend money on hardware are of no interest to Apple, because that "niche" is already filled by zero dollar phones. Wanting a specific product from Apple doesn't make it a healthy product. (Mac tablet, Mac minitower, Apple PDA etc.) Nothing to see here, move along.
Apple introduced DVD-RAM in their top of the line Powermac G4 back in 1999. It didn't make it, but that's not the point. Better solutions arrived and Apple picked the first it could lay it hands on. (After that there came cheaper products available)Apple doesn't wait for a clear winner.The reason why Apple didn't deliver this Blu-ray as an option yet is costs. Apple would have to standardize it to get enough sales against an acceptable price-point of its products. Nobody...
You probably won't buy a MacBook (Pro) either, why pay for a small screen that you'll have to toss out with the computer.
Never wait... Buy if you need it. And I need Adobe CS3 harder than Leopard so I'll order my stuff over the weekend or so.
Actually, I bought my PowerBook G3 Pismo in march 2000. Every OSX update I did from 10.1 through 10.4 it became snappier and faster under OSX.Can't see what 10.5 will do because it died on me after it keeled from a table.Indeed, very off topic.
You mean a Xserve RAID home-edition hooked on an Airport Extreme N, or something like that? It will be hooked up by USB2 then.
Expect an updated version in the next couple of months. My wild guess would be June 2007, but it's always possible It slips a month or so. The current one (I'm typing this on right now) is introduced 5 months ago, so the current MPB is almost due for a refresh. Historically Apple refreshes it's Pro notebook-line every 6-9 months in the G4 era. During its first year the MacBook Pro has seen a couple of updates: February 2006: 15" MBP introduced with 1.83Ghz and 2.0Ghz...
Actually I am waiting for CS3 and Leopard. Since CS3 is announced and will be available around April 20th, I choose Leopard because we don't know when it will arrive but I don't expect it in less than 3 weeks.
No it's not, at least not for you.In the EU it is expensive, even before our VAT. Residents of the US and Canada are the lucky bastards who pay about 62% of the price EU residents have to pay.There was a time, about 5 years ago. We had to pay about 2499 euro for one copy of Quark Xpress while a US citizen payed less than $1,000 for the same product. (Okay, Quark chocked on it because every European designer in his right mind jumped ship and Quark lowered the price to 1999...
I could be wrong but only the software that was windows only and (re)introduced to the Mac-platform is Intel native, everything else is PPC compliant. I'll probably go for an Adobe CS3 Design Premium upgrade.
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